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Gifting Ideas For New Parents

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Gifting things to women, especially new moms can be tricky. They are not anymore into stilettos, snug jeans and small sling bags but this doesn’t leave you with fewer options either. Here, we bring you 15 gifts ideas for new moms.
Gifting ideas new parents

Top 15 Gifts That New Parents Will Love

  1. Baby supplies: New parents can never have enough baby supplies. Be it diapers, baby wipes or baby food. These supplies are required for a long period of time and parents are often seen hauling in the local markets for it. Hence, gifting new moms these supplies will be an extremely thoughtful gift
  2. Baby quilts: This one is an oldie but a goody. For years Indian women have been sewing quilts and wraps for babies and gifting them to other expecting women. The local malls and stores offer a huge variety to chose from if you decide to gift a new mom a baby quilt. Or you can gift a pretty home-made patchwork quilt to the new mom. This is one gift that will never go out of fashion
  3. Stroller: Almost every new parent need a baby stroller. Gifting a stroller is a brilliant idea but make sure you check with the mom before buying it, to be sure she doesn’t have one already. Strollers come in huge variety and price range and are easily available in the market and even onl ine
  4. Car Seat: For new mothers that drive or a family that has a four wheeler gifting a car seat for the baby can be a pretty useful gift. Car seats made for babies are tiny recliners that be fixed in the car. It will ensure that the baby doesn’t move or fall off the seat while in the car. Find out here how to choose the right car seat for a baby
  5. High Chair: This gift may not be much of a use immediately for new moms but as the baby grows it will prove to be quite a useful gift. Babies have trouble sitting in the regular chair that’s when baby chairs come into the picture. A baby chair is small and high so that the mother doesn’t have bend to attend the baby. It also has a belt to ensure the baby’s safety
  6. Baby Carrier: Baby carrier is a handy accessory. While outside, carrying the baby constantly in your arms can be tiresome. A baby carrier helps the mother to strap the baby on her body leaving her hand free. This can be an ideal gift for busy or working mothers
  7. Journal: Having a baby is one of the most signification moments in a mother’s life. To treasure these moments for years to come you can gift a special journal to the new mom. There are plenty for journals available in the market for new mothers with fancy trimmings and claps to hold pictures. This will be a special gift new moms will treasure
  8. A huge handbag: A woman always appreciates a good handbag, even more so when she is a new mom. New moms have to make room for plenty of other stuff like diapers, feeding bottles, bibs etc. Gifting a good sturdy handbag is going to be a guaranteed hit
  9. Gift coupons:
    In case you are still confused as to what to gift new moms then the safest option would be to give him gift coupons. Gift coupons/ vouchers are easily available in many stores and malls across the city
  10. A day at the spa: There is nothing more thoughtful than gifting new moms a day at the spa. Being a mom is a beautiful experience but it can be taxing as well. A day at the spa will rejuvenate the mother and make your gift the best she has received so far
  11. Baby sitter for a day: New moms most of the time get overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes in to care of a baby. Hiring a baby sitter for a day or being one will give new moms some time off. This gift is so thoughtful that the mother is bound to love it
  12. A dinner date: Taking new moms out for dinner is another fail-safe option for a gift. Just dressing up and getting out of the house for a leisurely long dinner can cheer up and rejuvenate a new mom
  13. Salon vouchers: With the arrival of a baby, mothers rarely find time for themselves, let alone going to the salon. Salon vouchers can prove to be great gifts especially to new moms. They can pick whatever they prefer to do and have a relaxing time while at it
  14. Personalized jewelry: One can never go wrong with jewelry, every woman loves jewelry be it dainty delicate pieces or chunky statement pieces. What better way to celebrate motherhood than gifting new mom inscripted or engraved jewelry. You can gift engraved pendants and rings with the baby’s initial or gift new mom charms and pendants that remind her of the baby
  15. Mom and baby gift sets: Markets are flooded with gifts sets for moms and babies. You can pick from matching jumpers, sweaters and even socks and t-shirts. Gifting new moms and their baby matching clothes will make your gift the most cherished one ever

Gifts for new parents

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