Each child is the god’s gift to the parents. For them, their child is precious and priceless. Though each child has a hidden talent in him and is gifted one or more skill by god, the gap exists in finding out the right skill at the right time and enhancing that skill to the best. But there are some children who have been gifted by god in the real sense. Here are a few characteristics of god gifted children:

  • They can read and comprehend things better with less practice. They are more interested in intellectual things.
  • They are really good at reasoning and finding out the” buts” and” ifs” of any problem.
  • They are original thinkers. They try to combine two things together to find out the new meaning or new discovery. They are above the intellectual level of the children of their age.
  • They can relate and respond to their elders in a better manner, be it their teachers, parents or peers.


    Some kids excel in creative abilities

  • They can read aloud intense stuff with more ease and understanding.
  • Due to their intellectual level, they are better adjusted with adults rather than the children of their age.
  • They understand verbal and non verbal cues better and are able to put it into logic before it is explained to them. Whereas, the normal children would need someone to put it into words for him.
  • They are good at exploring and inventing things according to their age.
  • They have a very rational approach towards life from the very beginning.

Not all god gifted children are high on intellectual level. And not all of them grow up to become mathematicians or invent theories. Some of them may have artistic talents, like:

  • Some children may have great sense of music even at the tender age, without being taught. Some may be really magical when they put their fingers on the piano.
  • Some may have the dancing ability that cannot be matched by others. Some can have athletic excellence and ability to perform on field.
  • Some can be really good sportsmen, when they grow up. But they have this inclination for sports since their childhood.

There can be a few children who are not so bright during their childhood, but grow up to be extra ordinary individuals. They are also god gifted. We strongly feel that each child is god gifted and has some unique quality in him. If he is encouraged and enhanced with the interest he is pursuing, he can be of much help to himself, parents, family and society at lage.

It is our responsibility to explore that greatness in our child and make him a star.