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Hair Color and Pregnancy

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Hair Color and Pregnancy

Hair Color and Pregnancy

Talking of hair, hair coloring seems to be very common these days, out of fashion and the need to cover premature greying. There has been little and limited research on the impact of using permanent and semi-permanent hair colors during pregnancy, and so far, the results have not shown any harmful effects. Hair color does contain chemicals, but the limited research that is available indicates that the chemical absorbed by the skin during hair coloring is very minimal to cause any damage to the baby. In certain cases, Doctors may advise waiting till the second trimester when the chances of any damage to the baby are pretty less. However, if you still feel concerned and are not sure of what to do, we present the below tips to make it easier for you –

  • Instead of a full hair color, you can opt for streaks, or highlights in which case the color will not touch your scalp and hence not enter your body.
  • If a salon offers vegetable dyes, you could opt for it only after carefully considering the ingredients. Make sure that the so called “natural products” do not contain chemicals such as p-phenylenediamine, dihydroxybenzene, and aminophenol which are used by cosmetic companies as well.
  • Using pure Henna leaves is also an option, but again, you must read out the ingredients carefully as some heena powders can contain copper or iron traces.
  • If you are coloring your hair, instead of doing it yourself, hit a salon and gets it done under the guidance of an expert.
  • Opt for ammonia free colour – infact make it a habit even after your pregnancy is over.
  • Make sure the windows are open and the room has enough ventilation so that you don’t inhale much fumes.

Though many mothers prefer not getting hair coloring done, and there have been many instances when women have colored their hair regularly causing no harm whatsoever to the baby. Women need to feel and look their best during pregnancy, so make your choice whether your want to worry endlessly for the entire duration of your pregnancy or the feel good factor will serve you better. It may also be noted here that a woman hair also undergo certain changes, so there could be chances of color not covering properly. Do loop in a stylist and a doctor to know what would be the best for you!

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