Top 15 Baby Care Myths

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Pregnancy and parenting are surely the hot topics on which everyone has something or the other to dole out advices on.

Here are some widely popular baby care myths busted with actual explanation. This is an attempt to segregate wheat from the chaff.

Myth No: 1- A Kaala Tikka wards off evil eye. Top 15 Baby Care Myths

Fact-Sounds like true is it? Well, if there is evil, surely God would be there too. And if God is there, He will protect your baby from all evils. This myth holds no relevance and is discarded by many progressive families.

Myth No: 2- Oil massages are “Old”

Fact-Massages help in enhancing blood circulation and they also nourish the baby’s skin. According to doctors, a warm water bath after a massage can also help the baby sleep soundly.

Myth No: 3- Nursing a baby soon after birth helps in bonding

Fact-Though advised, but women who have a C-section or babies who straight go to the nursery need not take this too hard. A baby-mother relationship will eventually develop and a few hours or days of separation is not going to hamper it.

Myth No: 4-Bottle-feeding is good for infants-

Fact-Breast milk is ideal for your baby as it has highly nutritious natural ingredients that increase immunity in your baby. The baby’s immune mechanism is also strengthened by breast feeding.

The packaged milk is not healthy for your baby. If needed, consult your paediatrician before giving bottle feed to your baby.Top 15 baby care myths

Myth No: 5- An absolutely bland diet for breastfeeding mothers

Fact-Apart from highly allergic foods, like nuts, soy, dairy etc, new mothers can eat just about everything as the baby gets to taste and develop the same through the feeds.

Myth No: 6-Babies must have ripe bananas as first solids-

Fact-Instead of bananas give a cereal of ground rice as it is packed with iron and is light to digest. After a few months, you can give mashed bananas too.

Myth No: 7-Never bathe a child when he’s feeling feverish or is ill-

Fact- You can bathe your baby even when he or she is having mild fever, cold or cough. However you should keep the baby covered and protect from catching cold. Drape the baby immediately after bathing. Also, babies do not necessarily need to be bathed every day, a day or two can be skipped.

Give sponge bath if the baby is having high grade fever. A cool dab in summers and warm bath during winters is recommended for your tiny toddler.

Myth No: 8-Ayurvedic concoctions like janam ghuttis, etc. should be given to the baby-

Fact-The main concern is whether the ayurvedic products like janam ghuttis etc are prepared under proper hygienic conditions. Avoid giving gripe water or janam ghuttis in the first year of birth as your baby’s stomach is tender to digest these things. You can however give these in the second year.

Myth No: 9-Nipple confusion can occur by simultaneously bottle feeding and breast feeding-

Fact-Nipple confusion is seen when baby gets first bottle feeds and then breastfeeds. This is seen when either mother dies at the time of birth or if she is severely ill. During breast feeding the baby has to make more effort as compared to bottle feeding. So, if the baby has a choice he would prefer having bottle feeds.

Myth No: 10-Natural ingredients such as besan and haldi are far better for your baby’s skin and should be preferred over soaps and shampoos-

Fact-Well, the natural products like besan or haldi are not as mild as they claimed to be. They can cause skin allergies or rashes in children. Use hypoallergic baby care products as they are safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

Myth No: 11-Sneezing in a new born baby means he or she has a cold-

Fact-This is not true because babies usually clean their nose by sneezing. Sneezing therefore does not imply cold.

Myth No: 12-When my baby has hiccups, she needs water-

Fact-In the first few months do not give anything except water. Simply breast feed as your milk as sufficient water and nothing extra is required.

Myth No: 13- Adding rice cereal to a bedtime bottle can make baby sleep longer-

Top 15 Baby Care Myths

Top 15 Baby Care Myths

Fact- Some mothers often add rice cereals in the bedtime bottle as they feel that this would make the baby sleep soundly. Solids must not be introduced to babies till about 4 months, early introduction of solids and obesity has been linked by science.

Myth No: 14- Picking up a crying baby is spoiling her-

Fact- Under 4 months of age, babies tend to adopt their own soothing strategies. Picking them up and hugging them when they cry make them believe that parents are always there to take care of them.

Myth No: 15- A newborn should be kept indoors-

Fact- Well, unless there is a condition of extremity of the weather, fresh air is actually good for your baby.

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