Hindustan Unilever Pureit Air Purifier – An air purifier that every home should have today

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3 Months ago, living in Bangalore, I always wondered what is all the air pollution news in Delhi about? Is it so bad that the schools are closed, and I thought we are far from there living in a green city, But when I read and saw few of my daughters friends suffering from Allergic Bronchitis, and pollution is rising in Bangalore . Reports say that Air Quality Index in Bangalore is also 6 times poorer than that of the normal limits, My worries started thinking how do I safe guard my family?

How do I improve the air quality at my home? The air inside our home is the same air outside. If the air quality is not within prescribed limits, then even the air inside my home is so much polluted. In fact more polluted. Decided to act and wanted to buy an air purifier.

There were many choices, I wanted an air purifier which cleans air properly, compact, silent, easy to operate and of course not pinching my budget. After evaluation of 7-8 brands I bought the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Air Purifier Model H1O1.

I decided on this model as my bedroom is about 220 sft about 1 ton ac room and this model is sufficient for the same. They had another 2 models for larger rooms. One was for 1.5 ton ac room size and another for 2.5 tons ac room size.

The executive who explained us helped in understanding on how to select an air purifier, he asked us to  consider a few things including the room size, the clean air delivery rate (CADR), air changes per hour (ACH) and the type of filter in the purifier, among other things.

CADR is affected by room area and height. The CADR should ideally be two-thirds of the room size.  So, for a room measuring 200-220 sq.ft., a CADR of 120-150 cubic metres an hour (m3/h) is preferable. Higher the CADR, better the air filtration capacity of the air purifier. The type of filter is yet another important factor – a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter can filter up to 99.9 per cent airborne particles of upto 0.3 microns in size;. Also consider the operating cost, which is the cost of replacing the filter at the time of the purchase.

Considering all these I decided on the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Air Purifier which had higher CADR and HEPA, Removes 99% of 6 different harmful pollutants in an hour, fights WHO  blacklisted contaminants and the Guarantee of Purity backed by Hindustan Unilever.

The Pureit Air Purifier H101 came in a very compact pack which we carried back home in our small car. Installation was very easy just plug and play. It started operating without any noise.

The console is very easy to use and comes with a power on/off button, Fan speed, timer, Air quality indicator, Air Quality Sensor, Intelligent Auto Mode, Timer 2H/4H/8H, Night mode and filter change indicator.

The Pureit Air Purifier started working immediately and the air quality indicator started working every 2 seconds improving the air quality in our room. Within 13 minutes I can feel the refreshed air in my room as promised on the packaging.

The fan has 5 different speeds in 3 modes 5×3 choice of speed and the intelligent automatic operation increases or decreases the speed sensing the room’s air quality.

It perfectly fits into the small place we had, The purifiers comes with dual mounting options but we choose to keep it horizontal based on the place we had and runs so quietly with no disturbances.

And guess what my electricity bills have also not shot up, this Pureit Air purifier consumes more like a ceiling fan.

After 2 months of using this product, I am happy that we spend almost 80% of our times inhouse and to a great extend I am able to secure my family from air pollution with Pureit Air Purifier. I suggest that Hindustan Unilever Pureit Air Purifier is a must at every home.

Thank You Pureit!

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