How Long Should I Wait For A Second Baby After A C-section?

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How Long Should I Wait For A Second Baby After A C-section_

Thinking about getting pregnant again? Especially after a C-section? Whether earlier you had a vaginal birth or c –a section, a proper gap between two pregnancies is very essential and the most important part is understanding the importance of why doctors recommend a pregnancy spacing specifically after a C-section. It is advisable to wait for a second baby after a C-section.

A C-section is major abdominal surgery. The body of a woman needs more time to fully heal. Getting pregnant before fully healed can put one at a higher risk of complications. Let us discuss the factors that you must consider before you decide to conceive again.

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How Long Should I Wait For A Second Baby After A C-section?

Normally, the medically recommended time frame that you should wait for before conceiving after C Section is at least 6 months. A year’s gap is even better. Most of the time doctors advise the same amount of time frame for women who give birth vaginally. This waiting period acts as a healing phase for the scars or tears that you have developed at the time of delivery.

Actually, this time frame is the most vital part of proper recovery. The extended time given to your body for healing can make it much stronger and healthier, especially if you would like to try giving birth vaginally for your next baby. Even if you do not have plans for a vaginal delivery, it is worth waiting for at least a year, so that the scar has healed and your body has recovered from the previous C-section.

How Does Waiting For A Longer Period For My Second Pregnancy Help Me?

How Does Waiting For A Longer Period For My Second Pregnancy Help Me_

Maybe for you the recommended 12- 18 months wait can appear a very long time. But honestly, delivering a healthy baby takes a toll on a mother’s body; you lose a lot of nutrients -and to stock up on them once again your body requires time.  Give time to the body:

To Heal Enough

In the majority of the C-section deliveries, women lose more blood as compared to those who deliver vaginally which often leaves them at the borderline of being an anemic

To Evade Health Risks

There are many pieces of research that support the fact that getting pregnant too soon after a C-section can expose expectant mothers to various health complications. For instance, giving birth too soon can be a cause ruptured uterus and can put them at risk of having high chances of premature birth. There are also some risks of delivering babies who have a low birth weight

To Plan Better

Planning a better life and a better future without adding any major health risks to yourself is always a win-win situation. This eighteen months waiting period can provide you enough time to plan ahead while giving you ample time to relax, heal and enjoy the motherhood period with your current baby. You can plan the next one at the aptest time

To Restore Health

The nine months of pregnancy and breastfeeding your baby afterward can drain the stock of your essential nutrients, such as iron and folate. If in case you become pregnant again after a short span of time especially before replacing those nutrients, it could affect your health or your baby’s health

What Risks Are Associated With Getting Pregnant Too Soon After A Cesarean?

What Risks Are Associated With Getting Pregnant Too Soon After A Cesarean_

There are some researches that supports the evidence that giving birth within a year after a C-section can put you at increased risk of:

Placenta previa

Women who had their first baby by C-section are at an increased risk of their placenta attaching itself to the lower part of the uterine wall, thus partially or totally covering the cervix. Read more about placenta previa here

1. Placental Abruption

A small-time between two pregnancies after a first C-section will also put you at risk of a low-lying placenta or the placenta can detach itself from the womb, which can be a serious complication

2. Increased Risk of Uterine Rupture

A very dangerous complication of having a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) especially if the gap between two pregnancies is too less. Though it is rare that your C-scar tears with a VBAC, the likelihood increases with a lesser gap. Read more about VBAC here.

3. Premature Birth

This is a major complication for both mothers, especially when the gap between the two pregnancies is less than six months. Usually, in these cases, deliveries occur before 36-37 weeks

4. Low Birth Weight

Women who previously had C-sections and become pregnant too soon can also deliver a baby with a birth weight under 2.5kg.

What If I Get Pregnant Again Quickly After C-section?

If in case you get pregnant earlier than the recommended time, then please try not to worry much as there are numerous women who get pregnant too soon again and have totally healthy pregnancies and babies. Under the expertise of your doctor, you can also have a healthy second pregnancy and a healthy second baby in the event of getting pregnant soon after a cesarean.

Also, if your age is more than 35 it might be beneficial for you to conceive early and not to wait or so long as the risk of conceiving increases with age. It’s advisable to talk to your doctor if you want to time your pregnancies to close together because of your age or for other reasons.

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Jul 01, 2017

28weels pregnant now it's second baby first baby is just 1yr 11months it's cesarean second baby is possible for vaginal delivery but now I got heavy pain in vaginal bones nd back bones spinal cord.


regina toroitich

Apr 27, 2017

I am 33 years 0f age,I delivered my baby 8 months through a c-section but the baby had complications and passed away by now am 1 month pregnant is it advisable for me?



Mar 25, 2016

Hi......I also had first c section deliveryy n then concieved after 6 second baby was a healthy 8.5 pounds baby, very healthy and delivered at due date through c section.........there was not a single pregnancy problem ......a very healthy n normal pregnancy with very acytive life style....dont worry.....keep the fingers of luck.



Mar 13, 2016

Thank u very much i had solve my problem after Road this artical ok i ask i'm now pregnet & i had cesearen in 1st delevery. My baby 18 months old So is it ok that i agar pregnet in short time..? & what to do for normal dileverydelevery

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