How To Buy Baby Diapers?

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It is only by the time the child is two that the parents understand that they have spent maximum money on something they consider as trivial as diapers. This is despite having spent several thousands on clothes and toys. The reason why the spent on diapers hit you slowly is because it builds up gradually. Nevertheless it is an essential and ongoing spent, much like buying salt for your kitchen.
Fortunately, with some planning, there are ways you can shop for diapers in a very smart way and buy what is both appropriate and economical.
Shopping for baby diapers

Tips To Buy Baby Diapers
    1. Decide between cloth diaper and disposable diaper: Believe it or not, there is a growing debate on this topic. Cloth diapers are cheap (as they are reusable) and environment friendly. But washing and drying these can be cumbersome. Disposable diapers can be expensive but the convenience they offer is tremendous. There are occasions when cloth diapers would do just as fine, but for some specific occasions disposable diapers would serve you the best. Based on your preference and family budget, you can chose either of these options. Some parents even use a combination of both (cloth diaper during the day when changing is easier and disposable diapers during the night for night time dryness). Read more about it here
    2. Buy sample sized packs first: There are many brands (Pampers, Mamy Poko, Huggies and so on) and many types (pants, pre-fold and so on) of diapers available. They also vary in quality. Different parents swear by different brands, so clearly there are pros and cons for all kinds of diapers. So rather than buy a jumbo sized package initially, we suggest it is better to buy an assortment of brands and types containing just 2-5 diapers. This way, you can try them all one after the other and find one that satisfies you and keep your baby dry and happy for longer time and then buy a jumbo saver pack of that brand
    3. Look for offers: Online shops like, Amazon, Babyoye and Firstcry offer great discounts on diapers. Some of them have a “guaranteed savings” scheme that ensures that your every purchase is Rs.100-Rs.200 cheaper. Also during sales season, you can plan ahead and buy some extra packages and stock. Some big stores also carry out seasonal sales and discounts and you can check them as well
    4. Do not over stock diapers: We just told you to stock diapers during a sales season. However, do not go overboard with this without planning. This is because your child is growing fast and might soon outgrow the current size of diaper he uses. If you overstock the diapers, some of them might get wasted. This does not mean that you have to lose out on offers though. If you feel that your child is transitioning from one weight range to another, it is a good idea to buy a size bigger

Baby diapers

  1. Change the diaper type according to age: Different age groups demand different kinds of diapers. See below for an age by age diapering guide:
    • Newborns: Remember you are going to change the diaper very frequently, so absorbency is not a key factor. Pant diapers will be difficult to put on your new born. Whichever diaper you use, you might want to ensure you do not tie it over the baby’s umbilical stump. If it is not possible to do so, make a “U” cut on the top portion of the diaper so that the stump is not under it
    • 6 months – 9 months: The big change during these months is that your baby has started eating solids. This will change his poop schedule – it might be messier but less frequent. You need to invest in a diaper that fits very well and does not leak
    • 9 months – 1 year: He has started crawling, walking and moving a lot. He needs a diaper that is not only of good fit, but also stretches well. Another factor during this period is that most babies would start sleeping through night. Find a good overnight diaper that has good absorbing property
    • 1 year – potty trained: Around this time, most parents try to potty train the child. And at this time, diaper pants are a great idea. It helps avoid accidents, while at the same time, you can take them to the loo at regular intervals and just pull down the diapers along with shorts and make them pee

For a step-by-step guide about diapering, read Diapering A Baby here. pregnancy pillow

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