How To Calm Down Kids After A Great Party

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One struggle that almost every parent can relate to is trying to calm down kids after a great party. Their adrenaline is still going strong. Yet, you need them to relax so that they can get a good night’s rest. After all, if you are wondering how much sleep children need, most will benefit from 12 hours of sleep until they are seven, then they need 11 hours until they are teens. Teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep. There are several steps that you can take that may help.


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Feed Them

Since many parties involve sugary foods, you need to feed them foods that will help them sleep. Encourage them to eat a peanut butter sandwich made on whole-wheat bread. You may also want to encourage them to eat nuts. The sooner that you can get them to eat foods that are high in fiber, the shorter time they will be hyped up on sugar. You may also want to make them a smoothie that is packed full of sleep-inducing foods, like bananas, nuts, and milk.


If there are at least three hours left before their usual bedtime, then encourage them to get some exercise. You may want to go for a family bike ride or get outside with them for a friendly game of basketball. Even 30 minutes of heart rate-raising exercise can help the body consume the sugar at a faster rate.

Use Essential Oils

Get your children to take a bath but add some calming essential oils to their bathwater. You can easily add essential oils in small amounts directly to their bathwater. A wonderful calming mixture is yiang-yang with lavender, rose, and sandalwood. While you are mixing some up for their bathwater, put some in a diffuser and turn it on as they drift off to sleep.

Bedtime Story

Every child enjoys hearing a bedtime story, but it can also have a calming effect after they have gone to a party. Choose one that is age-appropriate, and you may find that they drift off to sleep while you are still reading it. 


If the child is still awake after their bedtime story, then you may want to consider using a guided meditation. If you are not good at making meditation stories up on the spot, then there are apps and YouTube videos that will help you do the meditation with your child. One of the dangers of using meditations with your child is that you may both end up asleep. 

White Noise

Using a white noise machine can encourage a child to fall asleep faster. There are even special ones that combine instrumental lullabies with a white noise background. Otherwise, you might want to consider ones that play rainforest or wave sounds. While the American Academy of Physicians does not recommend that you use them all the time, they can be very beneficial in helping children relax after a party. 

Many parents struggle with getting their children to go to sleep after a party. Doing some planning so that you have these activities ready can help. Do not lose your temper as it will only prolong the process. Instead, react to your child in a calm, soothing way, and they will soon be fast asleep. 

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