How to Choose Nasal Strips During Pregnancy?

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Nasal strips are strips with adhesive on one side. You can stick the strip on your nose, right above the flare of your nostrils. They are made of flexible bands, which makes them suitable for most nose sizes. Using nasal strips during pregnancy can actually help you get a good night’s sleep and can give you relief from pregnancy rhinitis. But confused how to choose the best nasal strips to use during pregnancy. Read the article to get your answers.

You need to stretch the band and stick it on your nose and when the band tries to come back together, it will lift the sides of your nostrils. As a result, your nostrils will open up and relieve the congestion or block. pregnancy pillow

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Do You Need A Nasal Strip During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can bring about several changes in the body and you cannot use medications for most of them. This is why doctors are very cautious when they prescribe medications to pregnant women. Night-time nasal congestion is not uncommon in pregnancy. Nasal strips can give you instant relief from congestion without you having to consume anything.

If you are suffering from pregnancy rhinitis, you can try these nasal strips. If they do not offer you any relief, you can consult your doctor and start the required medications.

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When Should You Consider Using a Nasal Strip During Pregnancy?

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You can consider using a nasal strip in the following cases

1. Pregnancy Rhinitis

Pregnancy rhinitis can last for about 6 weeks, making it difficult to breathe freely. It can even prevent you from enjoying a good sleep or tasting your food. In such cases, you can use nasal strips for immediate and temporary relief. You can consult your doctor and use these strips as frequently as they suggest.

2. Night Time Congestion

The hormonal changes in pregnancy can lead to nasal congestion. When you lie down to sleep, the block can make it harder to breathe. In such cases, you can use these strips to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Increase in Snoring

If you notice you are snoring more, it could be due to a block in your nasal passage. A nasal strip can help reduce the block and in turn reduce your snoring too.

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Benefits of Using Nasal Strips During Pregnancy

Here are a few benefits of using nasal strips during pregnancy

  • You can use it as and when you want without any assistance.
  • You can avoid consuming any medications internally. So you need not worry about the medicines reaching the baby.
  • You can breathe better when you lay down to sleep, thus improving your sleep quality.
  • It can help reduce your snoring.

How to Choose Nasal Strips During Pregnancy?

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If you are confused about choosing the right nasal strip during pregnancy, here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Size

Check the size options in the brand you are using. In most cases, you can opt for a small or a medium for adult noses. For those with a wider or larger nose, a large size strip might fit better

2. Adhesion 

Opt for a strip with sufficient adhesion that will hold onto your nose for a longer time. You need the strip to stay on until it lifts your nostrils and helps you breathe better.

3. Color and Smell

You can find clear as well as colored nose strips. You can find them in different fragrances too. If pregnancy makes you sensitive to smell, you can opt for a fragrant-free variant. Similarly, you can opt for clear or even tan-colored strips.

4. Quantity 

If you are suffering from regular congestion, you can pick a bigger box, if your doctor approves regular use of these strips. If it is a rare occasion, you can opt for a smaller box.

5. Instructions 

Though the internet can tell you how to use the trips, look for a brand that gives clear instructions. You should understand how to apply the strip and remove it too.

6. Quality 

The strip must be of good quality, or else it will snap when you stick it on your nose.

7. Reputation 

Ensure you invest in well-established brands only. Pregnancy is not the time to take chances.

Top 3 Best Nasal Strips Brands in India

Some of the well-known nasal strips you can find in India are

1. Breathe Right Nasal Strips

  • Drug-free
  • Reduces snoring

2. Clear Passage Nasal Strips – Extra Strength

  • Instant relief from congestion
  • Relieves nasal congestion for sensitive skin
  • Easy to wear and remove

3. Cozy Nose Better Breathe Nasal Strip

  • Promotes good sleep
  • Relieves nasal congestion

Strong medicines during pregnancy may help keep the infection in check but there is a risk of it reaching the baby. Suffering from your cold or blocked nose during pregnancy, can weaken your immune system, and overall health and in turn affect the baby too. Using something safe yet effective remedies like a nasal strip can help you get better while ensuring the safety of the baby.

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