How to Choose Pregnancy and Parenting Books?

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Pregnancy is a time for confusion and an overload of information. When you are pregnant, it is essential to spend some time and effort learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Pregnancy and parenting books can throw light on the various aspects of both pregnancy and parenting.

It can help you be a confident parent and handle the various challenges of parenthood, without stressing out too much. Let’s dive in deep to know the benefits of reading pregnancy and parenting books.  pregnancy pillow

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Do You Need Pregnancy And Parenting Books?

The biggest question is, do you need books on pregnancy and parenting? Is it not enough to just gather information from other mothers and parents around you?

While personal experience and proven information can be a big asset for pregnancy and parenting, you need a few good books to rely on as well.

Here are a few reasons 

  • A book will have sufficient research to back its claims and advice unlike any information you may receive from other parents
  • They give answers for many of the “practices” or “beliefs” many people seem to blindly follow, especially during pregnancy.
  • You can read and digest the information at your pace and even just mull over what you have read.
  • You can refer to the book anytime you want and not worry about disturbing anyone.
  • It can give you answers even for some of the most private or embarrassing questions and doubts you may have but are hesitant to talk about to anyone.

When Should You Consider Reading Pregnancy and Parenting Books?

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You need not start reading every pregnancy book from the day you confirm your pregnancy. Do your research, ask around, and narrow down on a couple of pregnancy-related books. You can read them during the due course of your pregnancy. Remember, most of these books are split trimester-wise, so you are bound to find relevant information no matter when you read the book.

Benefits of Reading Pregnancy and Parenting Books

Still not convinced about reading a book on pregnancy and parenting? Here are a few advantages you stand to gain by spending time on such books

1. Set Your Pace 

You can read at your own pace. Sometimes, some people need more time than others to understand completely and may even want time to let the information sink in, before they learn more. This is possible only with books.

2. Choose What You Read

Some expecting mothers may not want to know about certain aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting. They may want to just experience the phase and not get overwhelmed with all the information. When you read a book, you can always skip that chapter and not read it until you are ready.

3. Backed By Research

The information given in books is mostly backed by solid research and will not be just hearsay. Even for those beliefs or advice that are hearsay, the book will mention it. So, not only can you know what many people believe or practice but you can also know what all have a research backing and what is nothing more than just a belief or a practice.

4. Multiple Uses 

You can always share the knowledge and the book itself with fellow expecting mommies or other new parents who may want it.

5. Well Prepared 

When you read pregnancy books and gather enough knowledge about your journey ahead, you gain confidence and tend to handle the situation calmly. When you are aware of certain possibilities, you may not get overly stressed when you face that situation.

How To Choose The Best Pregnancy And Parenting Books?

pregnant woman reading a book

Today, you can find numerous pregnancy and parenting books in the market. You have physical books, E-books, and even workshops. It can be quite confusing to choose and the contradictory information you receive from the source can defy the purpose. Here we have a few tips to help you choose the perfect book for you

1. Check Reviews 

If the book is good and liked by many other parents or pregnant women, the book is bound to have some good reviews or recommendations. Also, you can learn a lot about a book from its reviews.

2. Browse Chapters 

If possible, flip through the chapters before buying. You can just see the topics covered to know if the book covers what you are looking for. Always buy a book that will provide answers to your questions and can also add value to you.

3. Check the Language 

By language, we don’t mean the language it is written in. Check the writing style. If the language or style used does not appeal to you, then this is not a book for you. Some books can be very interesting or intriguing from the start, try to find such a parenting book.

4. See Illustrations

Many books have interesting or bright illustrations. Illustrations can not only act as a quick reference but can break the monotony of words and make the book an interesting read as well.

5. Check For Specific Information

When you are pregnant, you are bound to have numerous doubts. You may have specific interests as well. Look for books that cover these topics of interest.

Top 5 Best Pregnancy and Parenting Books Brands in India

If you are looking for some of the best pregnancy books, you will be in for a surprise at the sheer number of options available. You can find books on specific birthing methods, books for first-time parents, and books for parents expecting twins or even a special child. The data and information available can help you understand a lot about pregnancy and parenting.

Here is a list of some well-known pregnancy and parenting books you can find in India

  • What To Expect When You Are Expecting
  • 50 Things to do Before You Deliver
  • The Expectant Father
  • Bumpin
  • Say No To Placenta Pics

Pregnancy and parenting books can enlighten you on numerous aspects of your journey. You can find answers to questions you don’t want to openly ask others and also go back to re-read if you want to. Investing in such books can reassure you when you are unsure about this important journey.

Suma rp,M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) Rayalaseema University B.Sc (Biotechnology) Sri Krishna Devaraya University.

Suma is a passionate content writer with a strong keenness to understand the miracle of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Suma has successfully transitioned into a full-time content writer and a key contributor at Being The Parent. She leverages on her experimental background in chemistry and experience in writing to come up with well-researched content that helps parents struggling to deal with various medical conditions of their children.Read more.

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