How to Choose The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby?

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Baby Carrier For Your Baby

Baby carriers will help you work for yourself with your baby snuggled up so close to you. You do not have to roll the stroller and try to fit in the crowd if you have one. Baby carriers are so comfortable and help your little toddler see the world while they sit comfortably. So, how to choose the right baby carrier for a baby? With so many brands and models available in the market, it can be a confusing decision for parents to make. This article will take you through the various aspects and factors to consider when choosing a infant carrier.

The biggest advantage with these baby carriers is that you can roam around while keeping your hands free if you have one to carry your little one. Different types of baby carriers help you hold the baby in different ways. Before you go and grab it, read our article to know what to look for and how to choose the right carrier for your infant.

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What is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier is a backpack or sling-type equipment that holds the baby keeping your hands free. You can use them to carry your baby along while you shop and work for yourself.

Can You Use a Baby Carrier For Your Baby?

Baby carriers are helpful and comfortable to hold the baby, yet let your hands stay free from all the holding work. You can happily use baby carriers for your little one while you roam around and have a handful of other things to do. There are different styles of baby carriers, and you can choose the one that fits your little one and is comfortable for you to carry the baby along.

When Can You Start Using a Baby Carrier?

Except for premature babies, you can start using baby carriers if your baby is three months old. Still, it is always better to seek your doctor’s advice before you decide to use a baby carrier for your baby. They will help you understand the correct positions and tips that can keep the baby safe inside the baby carrier.

Top 3 Types of Baby Carriers For Your Baby

Since you are ready to take a step about using this cuddly bag that keeps your baby close to you without having to hold them. Now, let us dive deep into understanding various types of baby carriers. There are three types of baby carriers, and new moms always have a choice to select according to their baby’s comfort.

1. Baby Carrier Wraps

Baby Carrier Wraps

These are rectangular cloth pieces with which you can wrap them around your body and create a good space for your baby in the middle. Infant carrier wraps are useful for younger babies as they are secure for breastfeeding and stay perfectly close to the mom’s chest. They make a swaddle-like seat for your baby to fit in comfortably.

Your newborn usually faces front and inward, while slightly older babies may face front outward where your body acts as the support for their head. Ensure not to curl them up too tight as babies like movement as it may also lead to breathing issues. It is vital to check how your baby is positioned inside the wrap before you step out.

2. Baby Carrier Buckets

Baby Carrier Buckets

These are for older babies who can look around. They are rigid frames that look like a carrier bucket with comfortable seating inside. They come with a soft strap and look like a backpack to carry your little one.

Infant carrier backpacks are heavy and are helpful for older babies and toddlers. You cannot put younger babies in infant carrier backpacks as they do not provide head or neck support. Infant carrier backpacks are high on your back and help your little one to see the surroundings well.

3. Soft-Structured Baby Carriers

Choose the Right Baby Carriers

Soft structured baby carriers are extremely secure baby carriers that are designed and structured very well for a baby to fit in. They come with numerous straps and buckle your baby up in a quite cozy and comfortable way near you. Although soft structured baby carriers are for slightly older babies, you can use them for newborns by adjusting the seat padding and the strap.

However, it is better and safer to use them once your baby can balance their head or hold their head. You can wear and face the baby front inward or front-outward, but make sure your baby’s head is aligned straight to your chin.

How to Choose the Right Baby Carriers For Your Baby?

Choose the Right Baby Carriers

Before buying a infant carrier for your little one, here are a few factors you may need to consider.

1. Washable Fabric

Babies can be messy sometimes, like spitting and drooling. It can make your baby carrier messy, and that is when you need to check if the baby carrier is machine washable before you buy it.

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2. Comfortable Base Strap

In the case of baby carrier wraps, ensure to wrap them right so that you will not be hurt, even if it has to be for a long time. If you are buying a infant carrier backpack, check for soft straps and a comfortable broad seat for your baby. A comfortable seat is vital to keep you and the baby happy.

3. Good Back Support For Baby

Infant carrier wraps and ring slings must have good back support for your newborn to be happy. A proper and comfortable cushion is vital in soft structured baby carriers and baby carrier backpacks. Your baby needs to sit up straight to be comfortable, while you work for yourself.

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Top Benefits of a Baby Carrier

Benefits of a Baby Carrier

There are numerous benefits that you can claim by using baby carriers. While it may feel weird to use baby carriers at the beginning, they are amazing once you are used to them.

  • With baby wrap carriers, you can select the soft and breathable cloth you want and keep changing it.
  • They are so comfortable that your baby falls asleep in them. It will even make breastfeeding easy in public.
  • Baby wrap carriers are washable and also work like sling pouches.
  • Soft structured baby carriers and baby carrier backpacks are useful in the long run. You can use them till your baby is a toddler.
  • They have soft padded straps which avoid strain and shoulder pain during long walks.
  • Your baby’s weight is equally distributed and does not cause any discomfort.
  • You can carry your baby along whenever you are on a trip to trek or walk.
  • Soft structured wraps can help older babies stay engaged while sitting outward.
  • You can adjust the seat and the buckles to make the seating more comfortable for your little one.

Top Well Known Baby Carrier Brands in India

Some well-known infant carrier brands in Indian include R for rabbit, Infantso, BabyHop and Kol Kol.

R for rabbit hug me elite infant carrier is one of the most comfortable soft structured infant carriers you can buy. It comes with a wide shoulder and is useful in different ways. It can hold babies from 6-24 months of age.

Baby carriers are useful and help you stay close to your little one during work hours. While there are various kinds of products, you can pick and choose the right one that is comfortable for you and the baby.


1. What Type of Baby Carrier is Best For a Newborn?

Baby wraps and baby slings are the best type of carriers that you can use for a newborn. Baby wrap carriers can be the first option for new moms, while they are comfortable swaddling the little one right at the center inward.

2. What Size Baby Carrier Should I Get?

Once you wrap the infant into a carrier, the baby’s head should touch your cheek. It is an ideal height where you should be able to see your baby’s face. The size and the capacity of the baby carrier you require depend on the age and weight of your baby.

3. Are Baby Carriers Uncomfortable For Babies?

Baby carriers do not potentially make babies feel uncomfortable. It might be something to do with the baby’s position or the tight wrapping.

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