How to Get Periods Immediately to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

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How to Get Periods Immediately And Avoid Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blissful phase of life for the ones who wish to be parents. But it can be scary too when you do not want to get pregnant. Unwanted pregnancy can be stressful and have far-reaching implications. But remember, becoming pregnant is not the only reason for delayed periods. Delayed periods may be due to weight gain, depression, stress, anxiety, PCOD, or PCOS. But if you do not want to get pregnant, how to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy naturally?

There is a plethora of natural ways that help in inducing periods. These also prevent one from becoming pregnant. These methods do not guarantee inducing periods within a day or two but around the time when it usually happens, a week pre or post the actual period. It is best to use the simplest ones and avoid taking any medicines on their own.

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Top 6 Tips to Get Periods Immediately to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

There are many ingredients that are available in the kitchen that can be used as natural remedies. Elderly people and experienced ladies have many tips in their kitty to induce periods. Some such tips that help to induce periods naturally are given as under:

1. Relax


It is important to relax and calm the mind as too much anxiety and worries can either stop or trigger the menstrual cycle. It is important to have no mental stress as it contributes drastically to the delayed period cycle.

  • Mental stress increases cortisol levels which can result in irregular menstrual cycles. 
  • Activities like meditation, yoga, traveling, reading, and listening to calm music all help to detox and relax. 
  • You can even relax by spending time with the near and dear one
  • Warm baths help in heating the body, which offers relaxation to the tight muscles. This helps to compress the abdominal muscles and triggers the blood flow towards the uterus. 
  • Having a bath with salts also helps with relaxation. 

Studies indicate that women who take stress can have hormonal issues and have menstrual problems as well.

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2. Have Sesame or Til seed

Sesame Seeds

Having natural ingredients for inducing periods is a good way out as it has no side effects. The only thing one should remember is the quantity in which it is taken.

  • Til or Sesame seeds are a good alternative for inducing periods. 
  • These however should be taken in moderate quantity as they can heat in the body.
  • These seeds can be taken on a daily basis or 2 weeks prior to the expected date for getting periods earlier than the expected time.
  • Having 1 tsp of sesame seeds, fried or plain with honey, or with hot water is a good option.
  • Til or sesame seeds are a great iron source and good for the body.

3. Include Vitamin C-Rich Foods in Your Diet

Vitamin C rich foods

It is not scientifically proven, but it is believed that a good diet with Vitamin-C-rich foods helps in inducing periods. Some ways it helps are:

  • Vitamin C-rich foods help in increasing the estrogen levels and reducing the progesterone levels.
  • This in turn helps to contract the uterine lining resulting in inducing periods at an early date.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods generate heat in the pelvic area resulting in the uterus contract. 
  • This is also the reason for the shedding of the lining in the uterus.
  • Good intake of citrus fruits like oranges, and kiwis and berries and vegetables such as broccoli, bell pepper, tomatoes, spinach, Brussels, sprouts, berries, etc. are good choices.
  • Having excess vitamin C in the form of supplements must be avoided unless a deficiency or recommended by a doctor.

4. Exercise Regularly


Exercising is a great way to keep your mind as well as your body fit. Regular exercising helps you calm down and rejuvenate. This also helps in inducing periods.

  • If you exercise in moderation, it helps in loosening the muscles, thus inducing period. 
  • However, if you are into sports or fitness excess exercising can even stop the flow so it is important to bring down the level and relax the muscles.

5. Include Ginger and Parsley Tea

ginger tea

Consuming herbs is a great way to induce periods. 

  • Parsley is rich in vitamin C and helps in contracting the uterus for inducing periods.
  • Having Ginger tea helps in heat generation around the uterine muscles resulting in early periods.
  • Ginger was used in the olden times as well.
  • It is best to have a combination of both ginger and parsley to induce periods.

6. Include Papaya In Your Diet


Papaya helps in balancing hormonal levels and induces early periods.

  • Having papayas for inducing periods is an effective and common remedy.
  • Carotene present in papaya helps in promoting the estrogen levels resulting in early periods.
  • Raw papayas are a great food source that helps in the stimulation of the uterine muscles.
  • Consuming papayas also helps to initiate the bleeding process.
  • Papaya can either be taken as a fruit or in the form of juices.
  • The juice must be consumed twice daily for better results.

These are a few natural and safe remedies that help in inducing periods. They are effective if you have already conceived. You should also refrain from using these remedies off and on since they can disturb your period cycle and flow. Complications may arise later when you are trying to conceive. 

If even after the natural remedies, you are still not getting periods, there are chances that you may have already conceived. In such cases, you may need to take a home pregnancy test and consult a doctor before adopting stronger measures to induce periods.

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1. How To Use Turmeric To Get Periods?

Turmeric is an emmenagogue that helps to relieve menstrual issues. It surges the estrogen production and reduces the progesterone levels. It helps in promoting a regular and smoother process of blood flow. Having turmeric milk or turmeric hot water is a great way to induce periods.

2. Does Coffee Induce Period?

Coffee has caffeine that helps to stimulate estrogen levels resulting in early periods. This chemical also helps in relieving the pain during the menstrual cycle.

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