Having Sex Every Day When Trying to Conceive – Is it Safe?

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Sindhuja Prabhu

Sex When Trying to Conceive

If you and your partner are trying hard to conceive, you must be keen on maximizing your opportunity during your ovulation period. So, we know that having regular sex will increase your chances of pregnancy, but what is regular? Is having sex every day when trying to conceive safe?

Some couples may want to conceive right away and not waste time; the reasons could be plenty. Are you both planning to have sex every day, to increase the chances of pregnancy? Will it work? Or is having sex everyday bad when trying to conceive? will it harm you in any way? Read on to find out how having sex every day can impact you, and your pregnancy chances.

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Is Having Sex Every Day When Trying to Conceive Safe?

Yes, having sex every day when trying to conceive is safe. It doesn’t really have any major effects on the couple. But it may come with small issues such as experiencing discomfort or fatigue. However, it may increase your chances of conception especially if you plan it well around the time of ovulation. While having everyday sex is safe, a frequency of two to three days is also reasonable if you plan on falling pregnant.

How Often Should You Have Sex During Your Fertile Window?

Sex in Fertile Window

A woman’s fertile window is quite short. The fertile period, known as ovulation, is when the mature egg descends the fallopian tube. If it meets sperm at this time, it can result in pregnancy.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, if you have sex every day around your ovulation period (a few days before and throughout ovulation), you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. If daily sex is not possible due to various reasons, you can try having sex every other day. The sperm can live up to 3 to 5 days inside the female reproductive system. So, even having sex on alternate days, just before and during ovulation, can increase your chances of pregnancy.

What about accidents or unplanned pregnancies? Yes, having unprotected sex just once during ovulation can also result in pregnancy, if the timing is just right. However, one cannot be very sure of this timing, and having sex just once during ovulation, does not really maximize your chances of pregnancy.

An important factor to remember is that it can take multiple attempts before you can get pregnant successfully. If you are unable to succeed even after a few months, then you must consider meeting a fertility specialist.

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When Can You Actually Get Pregnant?

To get pregnant, your egg must descend the fallopian tube and the sperm must travel through your reproductive system. The sperm has to meet the egg and penetrate it for fertilization, and only then can you get pregnant.

The egg releases into the fallopian tube during ovulation. So, you can get pregnant by having sex just before or during the ovulation period. This does not mean having sex other times will not lead to pregnancy. Having sex just before or during ovulation increases your chances of getting pregnant, drastically.

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

Time Taken to Get Pregnant

It differs from person to person. Getting pregnant depends on numerous facts and not just on the frequency of sex. Some couples conceive after the first try itself while some couples take many months. Despite meeting a doctor and charting out their fertile day, some couples may take more time to get pregnant.

If you have sex during your ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant increase manifold. However, you may not know about the pregnancy until it is time for your next menstrual cycle. It can take about 2 or 3 weeks to even know you are pregnant.

As mentioned earlier, the sperm can live up to 5 days inside the female reproductive system. So, the sperm can take about 5 days to meet the egg and fertilize it, resulting in pregnancy. There is no way to know this timeline for sure. Fertilization can happen the same day or within the next 4 days.

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Disadvantages of Having Sex Every Day When Trying to Conceive

Sex Everyday Disadvantages

While many people can dream about having sex every day, in reality, not so many couples have sex every day. If you are planning to have sex every day, to increase your chances of getting pregnant, here are some disadvantages you must be aware of:

1. Vaginal Issues

Having sex every day can lead to vaginal dryness. Regular sec, when the vagina is dry, can lead to vaginal tears and discomfort, which can be quite painful. Sometimes, birth control pills can cause vaginal dryness and you may need lubricants to avoid dryness.

2. Risk of Infections

A dry vagina increases the risk of contracting UTIs. So, if you are having sex every day, which is leading to vaginal dryness, you may be at risk of contracting infections.

3. Lost Interest

Sex is a natural act that should not be forced. If you are forcing yourself to have sex every day to increase your chances of getting pregnant, one or both partners may lose interest in it. it can become more like a daily routine or a chore which may not be enjoyable.

4. Exhaustion

Your body needs time to recover and recoup from having sex. Sex increases the heart rate, cortisol in the blood, adrenaline as well as the metabolism of glucose. All this can result in fatigue or tiredness. Having sex every day can be taxing on the body and make you feel very tired to carry on with your daily duties.

5. Sore Vulva

Having sex every day can cause too much friction on the vulva skin due to penetration and scraping of the skin. As a result, it can be very painful or uncomfortable for the woman to urinate or even walk.

6. Sore Penis

Just like women, men can feel sore after too much sex too. Men generally feel intense sensitivity and discomfort on their penis immediately after having sex. Regular or prolonged friction on the penis can leave him feeling sore. It can be both uncomfortable and painful.

7. Addiction

Sex addiction is a real problem. Having sex releases feel-good hormones and one can get used to the post-sex high due to the release of these hormones. Having sex and feeling this high every day can become addictive. It can make a person think about and anticipate sex regularly, thus affecting their daily routine or work.

8. Back Pain

Both men and women put pressure on their lower backs when they have sex. Having sex every day may increase the strain on your back, leading to lower back aches and pains that may not subside easily.

9. Lost Connection With Partner

When you have sex every day solely to just get pregnant, you may not emotionally connect with your partner every time. You may just treat it as a chore and have sex just to conceive and not to connect with your partner.

10. Lowered Quality of Life

Thinking about sex every day and worrying about getting pregnant can add a lot of mental stress. It can start affecting other areas of your daily life, thus impacting your quality of life.

Having sex every day, especially when you are trying to get pregnant, is neither bad nor is it impossible. However, you need to do what works best for you and your partner. Remember, the entire process of having sex and getting pregnant must be an enjoyable one rather than creating high levels of stress.


1. What Time of Day is The Sperm Most Fertile?

The quality and volume of sperm in the testicles are higher in the mornings, according to some studies. These studies also show that sperm is more fertile even during the winter months.

2. Does Having Sex Every Day Decrease the Sperm Count?

Having sex every day won’t decrease sperm reserve. There are no studies that correlate having sex every day with a reduction in the sperm that a man can produce. However, the sperm count can reduce due to daily ejaculation.

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