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How To Keep Your Bathroom Safe For Your Child

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Once your child comes into this world, its safety means everything to you. While you need to take proper safety measures in all the areas of your home, the bathroom is a place that needs your special attention. A bathroom must be safeguarded in all the different ways to make your kid feel safe from any kind of injury in it. It is important as the injuries incurred in the bathroom can make your child’s body to suffer in a very bad way.

In this article, we shall check out some of the essential bathroom safety tips that your child must follow in order to enhance the safety and security of your child. Let’s get started!

Bathroom Safety Tips For Your Child’s Protection

A bathroom is a place that can turn out to be a hazard for your child if no proper precautions were taken into consideration. For kids below 3-4 years of age, there is a need for proper maintenance of your child’s well being as there are slippery floors in the bathroom along with many other harmful situations that can arise that will make it difficult for the kid to survive alone. Therefore, it is essential to take a series of necessary steps to avoid such a situation from happening in the first place.

 1. Never Leave Your Child Alone In The Bathtub:

A bathtub, when brimmed with water, is a time when one of the parents should be present with the kid so that the kid does not get into any complicated situation. Children tend to be innocent, and they like to take baths in water-filled bathtubs. If your tiny tot is less than three years old, it is not able to do anything on its own. It needs adult supervision; otherwise, things may go uphill.

2. Keep Away From Distraction:

Keep away from distractions that could take your attention away from your kid while bathing him. Mobile will make you lose track of time. Turn your mobile to silent and leave it outside the room before giving a bath to the child.

3. Say Yes To Showers:

Showers are safer as compared to bathtubs as the waterfalls as rain on the kid. All the kids totally love the fun of getting wet under a shower. Also, the child never gets in any unexpected situation and tends to be in safe hands. Therefore, you may indulge in the practice of getting your baby a shower rather than a bath from the bathtub.

4. Test The Water:

In the case of bathing a child in tub and bucket, dip your elbow into the water and ensure it is not too hot or cold. Remember, the temperature of the bathwater should be just above 100 F.  You can use a bath thermometer to test the water, thereby, prevent chilling or burning the baby.

5. Drain Out Excess Water:

Never keep a lot of water stored in bathtubs. Make it a habit that you remove all the excess water from the bathtub. It is essential to drain all the excess water because if the child gets into the bathroom and finds a lot of water, it may turn out that it gets into trouble. Therefore, it is essential to keep everything safe for your kid.

6. Use A Baby Gate:

If you have a baby at your home, making use of a baby gate is quite necessary so that the baby does not get a lot of water and only takes adequate water to take a bath. This will also pave the way to make your baby feel safe in the water. Baby gate ensures that the baby will never face any drowning situation as there would be only sufficient water that helps it take a bath.

7. Use Cushioned Covers On Faucets:

In case if the baby tends to slip in the bathroom, there is a high chance it will hurt itself by banging into faucets or other bathroom equipment. To ensure that your child is safe in all the ways, it is essential to cover your bathroom faucets with cushioned covers. They will also help in increasing childcare and safety and preventing any injuries.

8. Use A Baby Tube:

A baby tube helps to keep the baby on the surface of the water and, thus, to reduce any chance of drowning in the water bathtub. It also helps the baby to get a safe environment from hurting itself. Parents must buy a baby tube and always make it a habit to use it before putting their baby in the bathtub.

8. Inculcate The Habit Of Wearing Bathroom Slippers:

When your kid starts wearing slippers, it is necessary to make it a habit to change your normal slippers with the bathroom slippers while it enters the bathroom. This will make its chance of slipping on the bathroom floors eliminated manifolds. Thus, parents should purchase a bathroom slipper for their kids, as well.

10. Teach Bathroom Manners To Your Growing Kid:

Your child’s security plays a crucial role in the long run. There are a number of things that must be taught to your kid from the very beginning so that it does not face any difficulty while bathing. This is important as preventing the kid from any situation is better than treating the consequences.

11. Invest In High-Rise Shelves And Cabinets

If you keep medicines and cosmetics like shampoo, razor blades, moisturizer, etc. in the bathroom, store them in a locked high wall cabinet. Remember, the beautiful design of the shampoo bottle or its fruity smell can attract your child. They tend to taste it. Likewise, the toilet cleaners and bathroom cleaners, bleach, etc. should be safely locked in high wall shelves.

12. Keep Bathroom Floor Dry:

A slippery bathroom floor can be exceptionally hazardous for your child. Mop excess water from the bathroom floor after every time, use the bathroom. Also, put anti-skid strips on the bottom of the tub and anti-slide mats under the shower.
 Some Final Words:
Opting for necessary bathroom tips is quite essential when you have small kids at your place. Once you begin the use of making all the adequate changes, it will help you in making them feel safe in the bathroom environment and also enrich their bathroom experience to a much larger extent. So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these vital bathroom safety tips today and make your bathroom safer for your kid.

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