10 Tips To Make Bath-Time Fun And Easy

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Toddlers can get very moody at times. Some days they throw a fit for just about anything, from eating food to having a shower. If you notice that your baby gives you particularly a difficult time, almost every day, for having a bath it could possibly mean your baby hates bathing. It could be the water that scares them, the soap, or they may just not like to bathe because they do not feel like! But worry not! We bring you 10 tips to help you deal with the issue effectively and help you and your toddler to have a fun bathing time.
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10 Tips To Make Bath-Time Fun And Easy
    1. Look into the matter: First and foremost talk to your child and try to figure out what is it that your toddler hates about bathing. For most children bathing is too tiresome, boring and unnecessary and that’s why they throw a fit when you take them for a shower but some children may avoid bathing due to certain fears. It is crucial that you talk to your baby and try to understand what they are scared of, exactly. Some kids could be scared of soap and shampoo getting in their eyes, some develop a fear of water and some might fear the bathroom itself
    2. Confronting the fear: If your child is afraid of water, the best thing you could do is have a wash yourself while bathing your baby. This will give the child much needed boost and he will begin to understand that water is not harmful. Most children don’t like when the soap or water gets in their eyes, in such cases avoid the eyes completely and gently rub the soap only on the cheeks and forehead. Understand your child’s fear and set a game plan accordingly
    3. Make it playful: Bathing doesn’t have to be a boring daily chore. Toddlers get bored and irritated easily. The best way to motivate your child to have a bath is to present bathing- time as a fun activity. Small things like have a ‘splashing the water’ competition or making bubbles out of soapy water will instantly cheer up the child and make him enjoy his bath-time

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    1. Let the toys join in:Your baby most definitely has many toys and there are certainly some that he doesn’t play with anymore. You could bring such toys to the bathroom while bathing your baby. This way you don’t have to worry about toys getting ruined since they are old and useless anyway. Bringing toys to the bathroom is going to energize your baby and put him in a good mood for a bath
    2. Be creative: You know what your child loves and what excites him, use this to your advantage. If your toddler likes stories, recite one during bath time, you could even make your child a character in the story. If your child likes music, play some during his bath time. You could even give tiny rewards to your child, like a sticker or a star at the back of his hand, after a bath so that he is motivated to have a bath every day
    3. Try new methods: There could be various reasons that your child dislikes bathing. For starters you can try changing his bathing time, maybe bathing time is disrupting his play-time or maybe he is just lazy at a particular time. You could try to switch positions in the bathroom, try a different corner instead of the regular one; your child could like a corner better and cooperate while bathing. You could even start bathing your child’s feet first and make your way upwards since many kids dislike washing their face or hair; you could do this in the end and save yourself some crying time
    4. Try new products: There is a possibility that the products you are using like the shampoo and soap, doesn’t suit your toddler and hence he throws a tantrum to have a shower. There are a lot of mild and chemical free products available for children that do not irritate the child’s skin. Opt for mild shampoos and soaps that do not burn the eye. Try a host of products and see which suits your baby the best

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  1. Invest in bathing accessories: The market is flooded with items to decorate a baby’s room. You could use some of these items to fancy up your bathroom a bit. You could put colorful stickers in the bathroom and buy some floating toys that you can dunk in the tub or the bucket. Also invest in a bathing visor and hats that prevent the water to get in the eyes. Make the bathroom as baby friendly as possible and see the difference immediately, your child will truly enjoy his bathing time
  2. Skip the routine: Your toddler doesn’t sweat or get dirty like a normal adult does. If your baby absolutely hates having a bath, you could give him a sponge bath or a quick wash. Also there is no need to wash your baby’s hair every day. A child’s scalp doesn’t produce as much oil and washing it every day can cause more harm than benefit
  3. Be patient: The way you handle the situation is very important. Understand that getting a child to like something takes time hence be patient with the child. Try to talk to your baby as much as possible, if your toddler is afraid of a certain thing, only you can help him to overcome the fear, provided you stay calm and persistent
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