How to Know that a Day Care Centre is Right for Your Child

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How to Know that a Day Care Centre is Right for Your Child

When you are away at work, you want to make sure your child is in good hands. You might be wary of leaving them at a local centre, but there are many advantages to this type of daycare. For one, your child will get the opportunity to socialize with their peers. At accredited facilities, the staff is licensed and trained. Usually, they cater to a wide range of ages and have appropriate programs and activities implemented. They are often reliable and accommodate a variety of schedules.
Leaving anyone in charge of your child’s well being can be intimidating. When you are looking at the different facilities in your area, you should be ready to visit them and conduct thorough research. Here is a guide to help you feel secure in your choice of a day care centre.

First Impressions

Your initial visit to the centre can tell you a lot. When you arrive, make sure that the building is clean and well-kept. See if there are age-appropriate toys and books available for the children to use. Ensure that any play areas are free of hazardous objects.
Pay attention to how the staff interacts with the kids. After all, your kid could potentially be in the centre, and you will want to know how other kids are responding to the environment.
Are the children engaged and stimulated? Are they constantly supervised? Is the area crowded, and does it appear that there are enough adults for the amount of kids present? These are all important factors to consider when looking at different facilities.

Centre Policies

These next few points involve a bit more investigation. Look at their website and your area’s legal policies when it comes to child care to see if they match up. On your visits, don’t be afraid to ask tough questions!
Discipline, for instance,is one of many things you will want to make sure that you and the company are on the same page about. How do they handle a situation where a child is acting up? How are problems between children solved?

Activities and Curriculum

Your child will be spending a significant amount of their day at their centre, so it is important that they are engaged. What kind of programs and activities does the centre have set up for the children? Do they have enough diversity so that your child won’t be bored?
There are programs out there such as Kepler Academy Child Care Centre that offer activities featuring everything from robotics to sculpting. Find a good local fit that offer plenty of playtime.

Employee Qualifications

It is good to see how the staff interacts with the children, but you should also make sure that they are qualified. What kind of experience do they have? How long have they been in the industry? Do they have the proper training, certifications, and/or degrees? Does your centre conduct background checks on everyone who works for them?

Health and Safety Guidelines

Your child will be getting quite a few meals from your centre. Is the food healthy and well balanced? Does the facility take into consideration any food allergies your child may have? Is the staff equipped to deal with potential allergic reactions?
If a child is sick, what is the facility’s response? Do they have to stay home, and when are they allowed to come back? Do they have immunization requirements?

Continue Dropping By

Do not fear being a “helicopter” parent. Once you enrol your child in a centre, make unplanned visits every so often.This way, you will be able to see the environment your child is in when you are not around.

Bottom Line

Overall, trust your gut! This is not an exhaustive list and you will likely find many more questions that need to be addressed. Use your parental instinct to find a day care centre that will put your child first.

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