Interesting Facts About March Born Babies

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Written by Tarasha Chandra

Tarasha Chandra

The season of March is a respite between the cold and harsh winters and the arriving heat of the summers. It is the onset of spring, a season for rejuvenation. This is the time when the sun opens its arms and gives us warmth with fresh air and vibrant, blossoming surroundings. The best time of the year when one can go outside easily not worrying unlike the gloomy winters or the scorching heat of summers. So what can you expect from March babies?

Ever wondered what kind of personalities March babies would have? March is the month of transition to two different seasons. It is interesting to know that these babies are either Pisces or Aries, making them either too optimistic or too headstrong and letting them be unique in their own way.

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Pisces And Aries Babies – The Zodiac Signs of March

March-born babies are either Pisces or Aries. Pisceans are the babies born between February 19th February and March 20th. and Aries babies have their birthdays between March 21st and April 20th.

Characteristics of Pisces

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac which gets together most of the characteristics of all the eleven signs. The ruling planet is Neptune and Jupiter and is symbolized by the two fishes.

  • Pisces babies have their own set of imagination and love to get creative in all they do so offer blocks and see them create exquisite pieces.
  • They can never see anyone in trouble so ready to share toys to make the other baby happy, now you know it is a Piscean.
  • A Piscean baby is a quick learner and is confident. Ever seen a baby who can start learning quite easily and is confident? It could be a Piscean baby.
  • These babies are highly creative, they love to do what they have pictured.

Characteristics of Aries

Aries is the first and fire sign which makes them the leaders. The ruling planet is Mars and is symbolised by Ram. They are the first ones to have things happen and are the initiators.

  • Aries babies are fearless and ready to face any new challenges.
  • They are always ready to take on new challenges so be ready to see adventure around the house.
  • If you aee a baby who loves to climb up even though is risky but yet would not listen to you or get angry or throw tantrums, it is
  • surely an Aries baby.
  • Look for a baby who gives the toys to other babies without being told. This is the Aries quality to be generous.
  • Aries babies are a storehouse of energy and do not get tired easily.
  • They are short-tempered so you may need to be calm and listen to their story when they are upset.
  • These babies will not do things to make others happy, so they may not smile just to please their parents or guests.

March Birthstone And Birthflower – Aquamarine and Daffodils

Here is everything you need to know about the March birthstone and birthflower

March Birthstone – The Enchanting Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for babies born in March. And true to its name, it is blue-green and blue in color.

Some of the characteristics of Aquamarine are

  • This gem is a lucky birthstone for the babies as it signifies hope and kindness.
  • True to its look, it has depth and the babies born in this month are also deep in their feelings.
  • The rich colour is mesmerizing and links to helping nature which is a quality of the march borns.

March Birthflower – Daffodils

Daffodils are the early risers of the spring season and also the Birthflower for the ones born in March. Daffodils also signify hope, rebirth, creativity, and inspiration and are in different colors with their own significance.

Characteristics of Daffodils are

  • White daffodils signify purity which is shown in the loyalty and honesty of the baby.
  • Pink Daffodils denote uniqueness and love which is symbolic of creativity kindness and care for others.
  • Yellow daffodils show hope and joy which the baby reflects when left alone.

Important Events in The Month of March

May encompasses some major events across the globe.

  • World Wildlife Day – 3rd March- Teaching the value of Wildlife
  • Women’s Day – 14th May – Celebration of the essence of a woman.
  • World Down Syndrome Day -21st March – Global Awareness Day.

Interesting Facts About March

Here are a few interesting facts about the month of March

  • March marks the beginning of the spring season.
  • This month gets its name after the Roman god of war, Mars.
  • This is the month when animals breathe their first post-hibernation.
    The ending day is the same for June as well as March.

Personality Traits of March Babies

The March born babies show some amazing traits and some of them are:

  • They crave attention as they are high on the emotional quotient.
  • Honestly, loyalty and generousness are instilled by nature in them.
  • They are highly competitive and cannot accept defeat easily.

Thus, March babies are born leaders and every ready to start off. They are extremely intelligent and sharp as well as loving and caring but do not like to be told what to do.


1. Are There Specific Birth Flowers For March?

Daffodil is the birthflower for March which signifies rebirth and purity.

2. Can You Suggest Some Unique Baby Names Inspired by March?

Some of the unique March baby names are Aidan, Kaia, Larisa, Idhant, Sadhil etc.

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