Top 10 Baby Clothes Brands in India

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Written by Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

baby cloth brand in India Baby clothing has a huge market in India and has been growing tremendously over the years. As parents, seeing the cute little clothes you can purchase for your babies is always an enjoyable and overwhelming experience. But, more than the emotion, there are many other factors to consider before choosing the right brand for your babies. Every attribute must be looked into in detail, from the fabric that would suit the tender skin to the look and fashion. In this article, we discuss the top 10 baby clothes brands in India

Several brands have developed in India that are exclusively prominent and deliver quality products for baby clothing. With so many options available to choose from, choosing the right brand and product can be a confusing experience. We list the top 10 baby clothes brands in India so that you can decide for yourself what you would like to purchase for your munchkin.

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Top 10 Baby Clothes Brands in India

Every corner of the country has a new and emerging brand every day that specializes in baby clothing. let us discuss more about the top 10 baby clothes brands in India.

1. Lilliput

Lilliput is an exclusive baby clothing brand established in 2003 and headquartered in New Delhi. The brand aims to provide durable clothes at affordable rates. It also offers a variety of choices for baby boys and baby girls. You can find the right fit based on the age and size of your little one. They have their online shop, which has an entire collection of offline shops you can access at the click of a button. Rush to the stores and make your purchase.

2. Little Kangaroos

The Little Kangaroos is one of the oldest clothing brands, established in 1976 and located in Mumbai. It has emerged as a premium brand offering super soft clothing for your little ones. It is certified by GOTS – a certificate that ensures that natural fabric and safe dyes have been used to ensure your little one’s skin is safe and secure. You can also find other accessories and shoes in Little Kangaroos. Gear ahead and start your shopping right now.

3. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is one of the latest emerging brands established in 2012 in Mumbai. You can find various baby clothing ranges, including t-shirts, bags, and other accessories in Hopscotch. The brand strives to offer baby clothing suitable for all occasions and seasons. They also specialize in summer and winter wear. If you want trendy and stylish designs for your kids, head to hopscotch – either online or offline shops and place your orders.

4. Pink Cow fashion

Pink Cow is one of the best-known brands for baby clothing. The quality that it offers is topnotch and offers wide collections for babies, boys, and girls. They are well-known for kids’ clothing with detailed workings based on crochet flowers, ruffles, smocking, embroidery, and handcrafted designs. The brand has launched their online shop recently which gives you unlimited access to their products. They also offer discounts for a range of clothing, get ready and go shopping!

5. Cucumber

JMD Baby Fashion Pvt owns Cucumber Limited, the parent company. In Cucumber, you can find all the clothing needs for your kids aged between 0 to 4 years. The unique nature of the brand is that they use organic cloth which is certified as safe to be used in the baby`s skin. The brand aims to provide the best quality products at affordable rates to all sections of society.

6. Nino Bambino

Very few brands offer pure cotton fabric for baby clothing, and Nino Bambino is one of the best and finest you can find. The collections are quite attractive for boys and girls. The fabric is very comfortable and easily stretchable. You can find different varieties of clothing for kids aged up to 14 years. They have their online shops, and you can have access to their world of cotton attire from any part of the country. You can find huge discounts offered by Nino Bambino often to ensure that their products are easily available to all types of families.

7. UCB Kids

UCB Kids is one of the finest brands in India that has redefined the concept of clothing. You can find clothing for kids up to 10 years of age. The vibrant and unique collections are a must-include in your baby`s wardrobe. The clothes are designed and curated, keeping in mind the comfort and safety of your little one. You can often find that their collections suit any kind of occasion and season – either summer or winter, including formal or casual wear. Other accessories, shoes, and underwear for boys and girls are also available in UCB kids.

8. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of India’s most common and popular brands, not exclusive to baby clothing but also to adults. You can find a wide collection of clothing options for your babies in the children`s section of Allen Solly. The fabric you find in Allen Solly will be the best for the delicate skin of your little one. Many parents trust them as the fabric is eco-friendly and safe.

9. Mothercare

Mothercare is one of the well-known brands all over the country. The style and comfort that the brand offers are irreplaceable. You can find a perfect fit for your little one at Mothercare. You can trust their labels and choose the right fit for your baby. It is a British brand that has existed in India since 1961.

10. Gini & Joy

Gini & Joy is a well-known brand for apparel and accessories, including clothing. It is promoted by Lakhani & brothers and has set up exclusive showrooms and outlets in various places. You can find a wide range of products, all at reasonable and affordable prices.

Baby clothes should always be soft, durable, and made of durable material. Clothes are the first fabric that comes in close contact with your little one’s skin. Even simple daily wear should look neat and clean on your little one. Always ensure that your clothes for your little one are soft, safe, and best on their skin. We hope our list of top 10 baby clothes in India has been helpful. Choose the right clothes for your baby. Happy Shopping!


1. What Are Muslin Baby Clothes?

Muslin is a soft and airy cotton fabric that is best for swaddling blankets, summer clothes, and sleep sacks that allow enough airflow to keep the baby’s body temperature at the right pace. Every time you wash, Muslin gets much softer.

2. What Are The Safety Considerations Before Choosing Baby Clothes?

The safety considerations before choosing baby clothes include – whether the material is soft and comfortable, whether there are any tiny buttons and ribbons that can create a choking hazard for your little ones, whether the material is flame-resistant, and whether any loose threads lying around the surface of the dress

3. How to Prevent Bay Clothes From Shrinking After Washing?

A. Washing the baby’s clothes in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle detergent can save the clothes from shrinking. Also, always try to dry them in the drying rack rather than machine drying.

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