Is Diarrhea An Early Sign Of Pregnancy

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The journey of pregnancy is the most awaited for every woman. It is hard to figure out when it started. There are many confusions about early signs of pregnancy. The signs are not the same for the world. Figuring the symptoms is always an ever-ending task for women. 

diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy

Are you on the idea of getting pregnant and Diarrhea seems troubling you? Anxious to know is diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy? Hold your breath and read the rest.

Diarrhea is the loose bowels often watery occurring more than thrice in a day. Consult doctors if Diarrhea lasts more than three days. 

Is Diarrhea An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?

Yes, Diarrhea is an early sign of pregnancy. But this alone can’t ensure you are pregnant. Missed periods and positive pregnancy tests are the real indicators.

There are a lot of reasons for Diarrhea. The blame game goes to food and hormonal changes in the body. 

What Causes Diarrhea During Pregnancy?

Doubting Is Diarrhea An Early Sign Of Pregnancy? The answer is, yes, it can be. Diarrhea results due to food or infections or some bowel disorders. If there are chances for pregnancy, then these are the reasons.

  • The progesterone hormone results in an increased moment of the digestive tract.
  • Stool passes quickly through bowels with a rise in prostaglandin levels.
  • The stress of pregnancy also causes Diarrhea.
  • Sometimes, the medications which you take also result in loose bowels.
  • Avoid taking sugar alcohol to reduce the chances of Diarrhea. Sorbitol or mannitol usually increases the number of bowels. 
  • After getting pregnant, the change in diet might trigger Diarrhea.
  • Often, allergies and food intolerances are the culprits. 

What Are The Signs Of Diarrhea During Pregnancy?

  • Watery stool accompanied by abdominal cramps
  • Uncontrollable urgency for a bowel movement
  • Nausea and Bloating
  • Blood and mucus in stool
  • Watery stool Accompanied by abdominal pain and fever

When To Worry AboutDiarrhea During Pregnancy?

  • If Diarrhea Lasts Longer: Consult a doctor if diarrhea lasts for more than a couple of days.
  • If Contraction Accompanies Diarrhea: Diarrhea and contractions are a big No. Get a doctor’s advice.
  • In Case Diarrhea Is Accompanied By Fever And Vomiting: Other medical conditions like fever and vomiting trigger doubt of pregnancy besides Diarrhea. 

If you are facing issues with dehydration, don’t neglect and get the right treatment.

  • Pain In Abdomen: Are you feeling discomfort with the pain in the lower or abdomen? This is the concern of getting medication.
  • Blood In Stool: It’s alarming to have the presence of blood in stools.
  • Reduced Visit To The Loo: Diarrhea causing dehydration. If you are not urinating often as earlier, consult a doctor.
  • Change In Urine Color And Smell: The change in the color and smell of urine also effects with stools of less consistency.
  • Discomforts: Feeling dizzy, headaches, and bothered with dry mouth? All these are common symptoms of Diarrhea. Without making a delay, get the right treatment. 

Many women suffer from Diarrhea during the early stages of pregnancy. If you have missed periods, then give the thought of pregnancy a try.

Home Remedies For Diarrhea During Pregnancy

  • Bid Adieu To Fatty Foods: Avoid taking foods like milk, foods rich in fat, high fiber, and fried or junk food. Consume foods rich in natural probiotics.
  • Stop Bothering About It: Diarrhea has a natural tendency to lessen with time. So, give some time and ensure to stay hydrated. Wait for a couple of hours. If the situation gets worse, then start taking medicine. 
  • Keep An Eye On Medicines: Diarrohea triggers if you are taking new supplements. Doctors will change the medication if Diarrhea doesn’t come down in a day or two. 
  • Pick Nutritious Food: Go with safe and nutritious food. 
  • Enjoy Smaller Meals: It is always better to enjoy small meals when your digestive system gets sensitive. Keep healthy snacks handy so that you won’t feel hunger for a long time. 
  • Be Cautious With Dietary Changes: While you are pregnant and wish to revamp your diet, be cautious. Ensure the food and the new lifestyle doesn’t cause harm to your body or the digestive system. 
  • Your Parental Vitamins Are The Cause: Give preference food-based vitamins when unwell. These are gentler and do not harm the stomach. Speak a word with your doctor before stopping the parental vitamins. They give you better suggestions. 
  • Time Of The Medicines: If you are feeling any discomfort with your bowels, talk to your doctor. They let you know the right time to take medicine. Address diarrhea with these simple changes. 

Diarrhea doesn’t cause harm to your baby. But it alarms trouble if you have these symptoms for a longer time. Stay hydrated and have healthy food. Consult your health provider and check for pregnancy. If you are in the early trimester of pregnancy, avoid raw foods rich in fiber that disturb your bowels. 


Diarrhea is common during the early stage of pregnancy. The change in hormones, food habits, and lifestyle can bring about diarrhea during early stage of pregnancy. Stop taking the stress and take medicine as per doctors’ suggestions. Be cautious with your food. By giving importance to a healthy diet, you can protect your sensitive digestive system. Dehydration affects your baby, take fermented and probiotics for better health.

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