Importance Of Storytelling For Kids

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Importance Of Storytelling For Kids

The enchanting marvel of storytelling inspires kids and helps them relish a magical world. The importance of storytelling for kids is immense. Every captivating tale brings new ideas to their imagination. Storytelling is no less than art. It is used to share wisdom across ages and communicate the essence of life.

Do you believe that almost 60% of our conversations are based on storytelling? Are you spending time with your babies and kids sharing stories that hold the sight of magical moments?

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What Is Story Time And What Is The Importance Of Storytelling For Kids?

  • Helps With Cognitive Development Stories come in the disguise of cognitive development for your kids.
  • Enhance The Imagination Power Storytime helps to boost the imagination power of the child to a greater extent.
  • Improves Language Development They help to boost brain cells and help them with their language.
  • Improves Bonding Children understand emotions and reading together strengthens the parental bond.
  • Helps To Teach Them Cultural Values Tell them the stories of your culture and values. Every story brings them to experience new aspects of life.
  • Soothes The Child It is found that storytime really helps the child to calm down. Telling stories is an excellent way to tame a cranky kid.

How Do I Make Storytelling Interactive?

How Do I Make Storytelling Interactive_

The importance of storytelling for kids is more than you think. How a story excites your child depends on the way you tell the story. As a parent, all you need to do is, make it an interactive experience. Wondering how? Peep in for figuring the magic!

1. Pick Right Story

Always go with the story that has characters for illustration. It is better to select the theme as per your kid’s interests. While reading, if you come across a new word, read that word a couple of times. Children always love to learn new vocabulary and slowly figure out how to react to the contexts.

2. Get An Idea On The Book

Before starting to read out a book to your kid, you should spend some time with that book and familiarize it. You get an idea of the questions to ask and how to make it more interactive.

3. Get Creative And Fun

Draw simple illustrations on paper or flashcards if there are no pictures in the book. If your kid is growing up, try the same with the words.

4. Narrate The Book Cover Both Sides

Before rushing to pick a story, spend some time figuring out what the book is about. Ask your kid to give it a try by staring at the cover for a few minutes. You will be amazed to hear his stories.

5. Introduce Book For Children

Introducing a book to your child is also an art. Give the book to the children and let them feel it. Explain to them about the spine, book cover, papers, colors, and prints.

6. Praise the Author

Let’s take out little fellas into the shoes of the writers. Tell them how they write or draw and dream of coming up with the story based on the age of your child.

How Do I Get My Toddler To Sit At Storytime?

How Do I Get My Toddler To Sit At Storytime_

The importance of storytelling for kids is immense. Are you struggling to make your toddler sit for story time? Here are some gems shared by fellow parents who worked.

  • Allow the kids to choose the story they wish to read.
  • Give some props to their hands.
  • Interact with the child while reading stories. Ask them questions and comprehend when needed.
  • Initially, you should try reading while the kids are playing, eating, and bathing. Making them sit in the first session itself will not be that easy. Slowly this habit cultivates into an interest.

At What Age Should A Child Read?

The importance of storytelling for kids is immense. Children start reading around six years or in their first grade. However, depending on their interest in books, some children start reading when they are much younger. It is found that the confidence level of the kids who read well is high compared to the kids who struggle with reading. Sit with your child and help them read. This consistent practice helps them to learn and entertain reading. Don’t forget to reward your kids while they read. Also,

  • Help them learn simple words.
  • Have fun learning phonetics along with your kids.
  • Spend time doing exercises on pronouncing words. Blend the words, and this gives the kids to learn with ease.

Best Ten Websites With Free Online Books For Kids

Best Ten Websites With Free Online Books For Kids

Find out the best 10 websites with free online books for kids:

  1. Open Library Enjoy reading the historical tales and classics and every other book of your choice from this internet archive.
  2. Any Books This is a simple app that gives access to many exciting books for kids. Read them as you wish or download them for future reading. Yes, you can use this for free by just logging in.
  3. Free Kids Books  A new website for book lovers. The interface of this website is so fantastic that it is very much user-friendly. Therefore, picking books for your kids from this site, based on their age is not difficult.
  4. Oxford Owl As a parent, enjoy in pride while your child reads here. Oxford Owl is a fantastic website where there is a considerable number of books for kids of all ages.
  5. Many Books this is an excellent website where you get a chance to figure out exciting tales of all eras.
  6. Story Place Get a hang of interactive and exciting storybooks here. There are many fascinating series for preschoolers and children.
  7. International Children’s Digital Library Whatever book you wish to read with your kid is found here without fail. Get access to the unlimited book for free.
  8. Story Nory Keep your kid’s mood interesting with this free book from this website. There are many splendid audiobooks that you get access to.
  9. Project Gutenberg The right destination to have fun reading books. Get track of what you read and have an eye on what you wish to read.
  10. Storyline Online This is where actors read the storybooks, and you get to enjoy them for free. Here, children can also see the book and its pictures.

As you can see, the importance of storytelling for kids. Storytime is essential for a number of reasons. It is an inevitable part of the growing process. Kids learn good values through storytime. Please do not wait for a specific time for a story. When it comes to storytelling, any time is a good time. Do you think your baby is too young for words and sentences? If it is so, you can make use of picture books. Never ever compromise on reading stories for kids. Make sometime in a day and continue this habit with your children.

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