Is Eating Rambutan Fruit During Pregnancy Safe?

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Rambutan during pregnancy

People generally include the most common fruits like mangoes, bananas, apples, papaya, etc., in their diet. However, there are a couple of more fruits, the nutritional qualities of which could take us by surprise. One such fruit is Rambutan. So let’s see how nutritious Rambutan is and also find out if eating Also, find out if eating Rambutan during pregnancy is safe or not.

Rambutan looks different and has a unique name as well. It offers enormous energy for pregnant women when it’s needed the most. This fruit is enriched with many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that have many health benefits as well. Let us have a brief outline of this fruit, how it looks, its nutritional intake, health benefits, side-effects, the safety of its consumption, if it needs to be taken with or without seed, exceptions of having the fruit, the correct manner to buy it, etc. pregnancy pillow

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What is a Rambutan Fruit?

This fruit is most common in the parts of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. It can be related to other tropical fruits such as lychee, longan, etc. It has a hairy look and many hair fibers that keep extending on the outer surface. This fruit is tender and moist, sweet and tangy in taste, and enriched with many nutrients.

What is the Nutritional Value of Rambutan?

The fruit is ideal for consumption as it benefits both the mother and the baby. It offers benefits that help in minimizing body fat and lowering the calorie intake of the body as well.

  • The fruit is enriched with manganese, zinc, sodium, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, fiber, vitamin B, etc.
  • It has a low calorific content.
  • Apart from this, there are many other organic components like cinnamic acid, vanillin, and other antioxidants that help with complete health.

Is Eating Rambutan Fruit During Pregnancy Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe for pregnant women to consume Rambutan. Besides, as already mentioned, it has a surplus of nutritional value in it. Yet, it is to be taken in moderation and speak to your doctor if you feel your body is not accepting it during pregnancy.

14 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Rambutan Fruit During Pregnancy?

The Rambutan fruit offers benefits for all. In fact, not only the fruit, even its leaves, and barks are quite beneficial. Some of the health benefits are given as under:

1. Minimizes Nausea and Dizziness

Pregnancy hormones are different for all. While some women go through nausea, others may not. Consuming Rambutan offers relief to the ones going through dizziness and nausea.

2. Ideal Source of Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 plays an important role in helping the body convert food into energy. The body cannot produce this vitamin on its own and it is received only through food.
Rambutan is enriched with a good amount of Vitamin B5. This vitamin minimizes the fatigue caused during pregnancy.

3. Fights Common Ailments

Rambutan is good for digestion purposes. It also reduces constipation, helps to fight flu, common cold, fever, and headache. Rambutan even helps to stay healthy during pregnancy.

4. Ideal Source of Vitamin E

Rambutan is an ideal source of Vitamin E. It helps in curing all sorts of skin problems like acne, fatigued skin, itchiness and skin degeneration, etc. for pregnant women. Eating Rambutan is also an excellent option to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks post-delivery.

5. Controls Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

The consumption of Rambutan boosts blood circulation, thus helping to regulate blood pressure levels. It even helps to minimize the swelling in the hand and the feet.

6. Aids Digestion

Due to regular consumption of Rambutan, the bowel movement is cleared, which helps in reducing other bowel related issues, constipation, and diarrhea during pregnancy.

7. Detoxifies the Body

Most of the illness is caused due to the presence of toxins in the body and intake of Rambutan helps in removing the toxins from the body.

8. Improves the Immune System

The immunity system during pregnancy becomes very weak, making women susceptible to all sorts of ailments and infections. Rambutan is rich in copper content. Therefore, it helps in producing more white blood cells that can fight diseases.

9. Prevents Coronary Diseases

When the fat deposit in the walls of the arteries, it obstructs the blood flow. This results in the reduction of oxygen supply to the heart, thereby damage the heart. Consumption of Rambutan helps to convert fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to energy, thus preventing the formation of excess cholesterol in the body.

10. Healthy Hair

Prenatal vitamins help to improve hair growth during pregnancy. In addition to this, the consumption of Rambutan is highly effective in treating dandruff and even different scalp related issues.

11. Healthy Eyes

During pregnancy, many women contract issues with vision. The highest concentration of vitamin A in rambutan is highly beneficial for alleviating eye problems. Regular consumption of Rambutans during pregnancy provides a clear vision and healthy eyes.

12. Prevents Anemia

Rambutans contain huge amounts of iron that are necessary for the formation of RBC. Consuming rambutans will provide expecting mothers with the iron they need to rejuvenate erythrocytes, hence keeping anemia at bay.

13. Controls Blood Pressure

Many expecting women experience high blood pressure. Elevated levels of blood pressure increase the risk of many pregnancy-related complications. Rambutan is enriched with minerals that help to control blood pressure.

14. Help Prevent Cancer

Rambutans are high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants aid in neutralizing free radicals that cause cell damage and pave the way for cancer. Thus, eating rambutan may help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Does Rambutan Pose any Side Effects During Pregnancy?

woman opens Rambutan

Rambutan certainly has many added advantages, yet in some cases, it can have side effects as well.

  • In case Rambutan is overripe, the sugar content turns to alcohol. This leads to a rise in cholesterol levels, which is not good for the mother and the fetus.
  • The over-ripened Rambutan is also not suitable for women who have hypertension issues.

Is the Seed of Rambutan Safe to Eat?

The seeds of the fruit are not a safe option to consume. The seed of rambutan it reduces the blood sugar levels, and may also eject the worms in the intestine, etc. However, if roasted, they are considered safe.

Guidelines for Buying the Rambutan Fruit During Pregnancy

Rambutan is considered good for both the mother and the baby as it is enriched with many nutrients. However, as a pregnant woman, you should be aware of the process of selecting and buying it.

  • The best Rambutan will be a red-colored one and the deeper it is, the better the quality.
  • The ones which are bought for pregnant women should be ripened and not over-ripe.
  • Rambutans which have spiky hairs are fresh and deep red in color.
  • In case the spikes of the fruit look dried up or withered, it is the indication of the rotten fruit.
  • The best Rambutan will be a stiff one and also have a good amount of flesh but no extra juice.

This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and therefore, extremely beneficial for the consumption by pregnant women. It is safe to be taken daily but it would be ideal to have a word with the doctor before starting on it.


1. Can Rambutan Help With Morning Sickness?

Rambutan has nausea-relieving properties. The taste and the nutrients present in the fruit might help women with morning sickness. Iron, phosphorous, and other essential nutrients can help restore energy levels.

2. Is Eating Rambutan Risky For my Pregnancy?

Eating the fruit can be healthy for you and the baby. However, the peel and the seed are inedible. Also, in an overripe rambutan, the sugar is converted into alcohol, which may not be safe for a mom-to-be.

3. Can Rambutan Improve my Dull Pregnancy Skin?

Rambutan is said to have properties like retinol. It is rich in antioxidants, manganese, as well as Vitamin c. These nutrients, help increase collagen production in the body, thus improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles on your face.

4. Can Rambutan Help With my Gestational Diabetes?

You can find rambutan peel extracts in the market. This extract can help improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin. This is turn helps keep your sugars under control.


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