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Bike Helmet For Kids

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Safety is utmost important for all, be it adults or kids. Adults need to set the right example to kids which will become their habit in future and save their life from accidents. Bike helmet for kids is a must buy. Kids should be taught the importance of wearing helmets from the earlier days onwards. To attract the attention of the kids, the helmets are readily available in a plethora of colours, designs, styles and not too costly as well so gives them a chance to make them feel comfortable, stylish as well as ensure their safety.


bike helmet

Helmets for kids are a very good option and a great way to teach them about being safe. It also come in different colours and themes to attract the kids, they even have distinct features and are available at good prices as well. The helmet if fits properly save the child from any head injuries and other accidents as well.
Every helmet is different depending on its style and design, its price, performance, the quality of material used and based on this one can list 10 helmets that can be used for bike riding by toddlers and babies as well.

How Do You Measure A Child for A Bike Helmet?

To figure out the appropriate size of the helmet for the child, one needs to measure the circumference of the child’s head which can be done by the help of a measuring tape and even a piece of string. One needs to measure in and around the forehead on the upper part of the eyebrows, once the measurement is taken ensure it is in centimetres.

What Are The Best Helmets For Toddlers?

A toddler helmet should have few qualities as given below:

  • The helmet should fit on the forehead.
  • One or two-finger width should be there in the areas right above the eyebrows.
  • It is important that the child can see in the upward direction and most important the child can see the front edge of the cycle helmet on his head.
  • Both the sides of the strap when clasped together should look like the alphabet “Y” and fall under the ears.
  • In case the fitting is proper it is ideal that when the helmet moves the skin should move as well.
  • The helmet should be tight but comfortable as well.

Given Below Are The Best Helmets For Toddlers.

  1. Giro Scramp
  2. Side-track Bell child helmet
  3. Schwinn Toddler helmet
  4. Kali Chakra Helmet for kids
  5. Best Buckle Uvex Hero Helmet
  6. Nutcase Baby Helmet
  7. Troy Lee A1 Classic Helmet
  8. Joovy Noodle Helmet
  9. Lazer P’ Nut Helmet

Do Babies Need Helmets On Bike Seats?

As per the Safety Commission, it is not advisable to let a child who is under 1 year sit on a bicycle, even though it is with a helmet. The babies must be seated under adult supervision and not be left alone.

Importance Of Kids Bike Helmet

Bicycle helmets are known to offer protection to the child be minimising any head injuries almost by 85% and even brain injuries by the same estimate as well. This can even offer protection against deaths due to the bicycle in children.

Key Features To Look In While Buying Bike Helmet For Kids

Kids helmet is available in varied, colours, shapes and designs but there are many features that one must be aware of while buying the kids helmet and they are listed as below:

  • Size Of The Head Of The Baby- The helmets are made for offering protection to the baby’ s head so it is crucial that is hard enough and fits the baby well. The head of the child should be measured with a measuring tape to get the exact measurement.
  • Weight Of The Helmet- It is good for the child if the helmet is not too heavy since the toddlers and the babies have weak muscles and if the helmet is too heavy it can get difficult for the baby to get support.
  • Flat Back- It is suggested that the toddler helmet should have a flat back for the head to stay at one place and not gets pushed in the front.
  • Adjustability- A good helmet will have a adjust dial at the back so one can tighten or loosen it as per their requirement.
  • Buckle- A good helmet has magnetic as well as buckles that are pinch-free and do not get the neck skin damage.
  • MIPS- It is the latest technology and adds an extra layer for being safe to the helmet. Though this technology is very highly-priced so not many baby and toddler helmets come with this feature.

Top Bike Helmet For Kids With Price And Features

1. Giro Scramp-

Price – $35 (without MIPS), and $55 (with MIPS)
SIZE: (45 – 49 cm) XS, (49 – 53 cm) S

  • Helmet has a flat back for the back
  • It has an adjustment dial
  • This helmet has a built-in visor
  • It has a buckle with a pinch guard
  • This helmet comes with an optional feature of MIPS technology

2. Bell Side-Track Child

Price: Around $40
SIZE: (47 – 54 cm) Child

  • It has a dial adjustment system
  • Removable snap-in-visor
  • It has 15 vents as well as internal air channels.

3. Schwinn Infant

Price- $17
SIZE: One Size (44 – 49 cm)

  • It has a flat back
  • It even has an adjusting dial system.

4. Schwinn Toddler

Price- $17
ONE SIZE: 45 – 50 cm

  • It has an adjusting dial feature.

5. Kali Chakra Child

Price- $30
SIZE: Child (48 – 54 cm)

  • It is very light in weight.
  • This helmet has an adjusting dial for proper fit.
  • It is ventilated well.

6. Uvex Hero

Price- $39
ONE SIZE: 49 – 54 cm

  • It has a non-pinching which is safe for the kids.
  • This Helmet is durable
  • It comes in fun designs
  • The helmet has an adjusting dial for the proper fit.

Bicycles, scooters, rollerblades and skateboards are excellent means to get some exercise, develop gross motor control, and burn off all that energy of the children. However, carefulness, safety precautions, and proper adult supervision are required to avoid the possible injuries both minor and major. Buying a top-quality helmet will help to avoid major injuries to a great extent.

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