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Books are our best friends and kids have a wide range of books to choose from. Yet, almost all kids love and appreciate a few books. One of such books is the “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. This a novel by Jeff Kinney for the children is very funny. The Diary of a Wimpy kid is not one book but a series of them altogether. The whole story revolves around Greg Hefley and the ways and means he devises to become famous in his middle school.
The book revolves around Greg and all the events that happen in his school, his best friends, parents and siblings. Each book is more like a journal. The book contains very simple drawings and notes that describe the adventures of Greg daily. The series has thirteen books and four extra ones as well. This book is more a real comedy and fiction for the kids as well as teenage. This book attracts kids of all ages. The book comes in a simple language. Greg who is a student talks about all his struggles to fit in his school amidst others. The book states various adventures or events that take place in Greg’s life. The illustrations are age-appropriate, and kids tend to relate to them.
Greg is like any other student and daydreams and wants to become rich and famous so decides to write journals of all that happens in his life. He is an introvert by nature, so decides to pen down his experiences rather than discussing them with anybody and wants to give a ready answer to all regarding his life when he grows up. Therefore, he has begun writing since he was in middle school. In the initial books, he introduces his family which includes his brother Rodrick who is a teenager and loves to tease him now and then, a younger brother, named Manny, who is small gets the advantage of getting what he wants and can even evade situations even though he is wrong just because he is not that mature. His father does not like Greg’s way of living life, he prefers him being outdoors than being glued to gadgets and video games. His mother, on the other hand, favours the youngest but cares equally for all.


The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid-Characters And Their Implications

1. The father, Frank Heffley From The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:

Greg’s father is more of an idealist. He is a man who loves to follow a healthy lifestyle and expects to grill his sons in the same way. Though child readers can relate to the icon of a serious father, they need help in relating to why he does and what he does. A grown-up man reading the book would understand Frank Heffley’s strict actions, but after reading this book, would hopefully make amends in their relationship with his children.

  • It gives a wrong picture of what a serious father is.
  • Even though the father has good intention yet fails to establish a strong bond with his progeny.
  • It is an eye-opener for all fathers to provide logic and make the child understand the importance of discipline in life.

2. The mother, Susan Heffley From The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:

A caring and nurturing mother, Susan Heffley expects her older kids to react in a particular manner because they are growing old. She often lets the youngest Manny be himself, but that surely doesn’t go down quite well with Greg and Rodrick. She indirectly tries to bridge the gap between her husband and her kids.

  • She is displaying a wrong picture as she tends to favour the younger child but embarrasses and humiliates the elder ones, which in no way is good for the child.
  • She is shown to be bossy and even though close to the younger kid but not well connected with the elder ones.
  • She as a good mother does teach the child the importance of being together despite all odds.

Thus, as you can see, the “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a humorous take on the life of a regular schoolboy who loves to be lazy and the “Hero” of his very own dream world that is created by him in his thoughts. It is an easy read and can be picked up by anybody who is looking to read as a means of relaxation, for all age groups. If one starts to derive life lessons from the same, like a budding teenager or a middle school child, it can have damaging implications concerning all the relationships a person has and affect their mental growth as a better human being.

3. Gregory Hefley

He is the main character on which the story revolves. It is a journal written by him with all his struggles related to school, friends, family, He targets to get famous at the school and is a daydreamer as well. His aim in life is to become “Rich and Famous “and for that, he starts writing the journal so that when interviewed after being famous, he does not have to answer anything related to his life. He tries a lot to make a mark at school but is not very successful. Greg is shown to be the one who loves daydreaming and needs a reality check, a bitter one indeed. Life is supposed to be “not-easy-and-served-on-a-plate” as he perceives it should be.

  • It is not a very good book on values and does not teach kids good lessons in life.
  • Reading or following Greg tends to make the student a very lazy one.
  • Does not exhibit any seriousness towards life.
  • The reader may develop negative judgement for the people around when they say anything that does not align with their thoughts, be it a friend or a family member.

4. Rowley Jefferson:

He is Greg’s best friend and partner-in-crime. He’s shown to be a guy with slow brains and almost no friends; and idolises Greg for everything. He lets him play video games at his place when he should have been backing Greg’s father thought process and gone out to play. That way, he’d have gotten a bit of the healthy-life Greg’s father had been speaking of. He’s also the one to be easily fooled by Greg’s pranks.

  • It is not teaching any good support from friends as he encourages Greg to play games knowing that his father does not like it.
  • It does exhibit good friends’ relations as they are always together and stand by each other.

5. Manny Heffley:

Manny is shown to be the apple of the eye of their parents. A small toddler, who can get away with anything and everything. Be it drawings on the wall, or throwing food down the toilet seat every time, either his naughtiness doesn’t come to the surface or his mother and father consider that as a “he-is-a-baby” attitude and brushes his doings past them. It throws light on sibling rivalry and touches a chord with every elder sibling in the family. I mean, these things happen in every household, right?

  • It shows the attitude of the pampered child who does not want to accept mistakes.
  • It encourages negative behaviour and ill manners.
  • It shows how a spoilt child looks like.
  • It teaches the small child to take advantage of his age and get away by his wrongdoings.
  • It can encourage sibling rivalry.

6. Rodrick Heffley:

Rodrick is portrayed as one of those elder brothers who is disliked by the younger siblings. He gathers immense fun in bullying both his younger ones. It’s natural for a reader to not like the character and relate to the “young-sibling” issues. Again, it is a common household tale, getting bullied by your elder sibling, or having to run around doing their chores. Here, Rodrick is anything but “supportive” or “understanding”. He may be a member of a band and be very talented, but he’s no support system to Greg or Manny.

  • It teaches the elder kids to boss around the younger ones.
  • Keeps one far away from love and care
  • Encourages bullying the younger sibling or taking advantage of the fact that you are elder.
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