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Every child is unique and has been bestowed with some talent or the other. The children of the present time get more exposure than earlier times. It is easier to get access to commercials, reality shows than before. Therefore, if the kid has an interest in theatres and they want to become famous, then the next question is how to get them enrolled in the acting streams, whether it is movies, commercials, modeling or plays, etc.
Now we shall discuss the ways by which we can get the children into commercials, the ways to get the child ready for auditioning, and the best ways that can be used for choosing a modeling agency for the kid.

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How Do I Get My Child Into Commercials?

These days the advertising agencies are on the lookout for cute kids, smart children, and kids who are not camera conscious and can speak or act confidently. So, let us have a look at a few steps that help the child to enter the commercials or TV industry.

1. Acting Classes Should Be The First Step:

In case the child has a penchant for acting and enjoys being in the limelight, then by the time they are eight years old, it would be evident if they are good at it, and one can get them enrolled for classes of this kind.

2. Locate An Agency

It is important to have an agent if one is serious and wants to make a mark in this field. Generally, the big academies have agencies connected to them that offer auditions if the child is good and has the potential to make it big.

3. Headshots Are Important:

One needs to pay and get headshots if the child gets selected for the audition as photos are the sole criterion on which the director or casting head takes the decision of giving a chance to the child. It is better to get different shots with various angles, smiling, close-up, full length, etc. The child should look natural enough.

4. Get An Entry On Spotlight:

Spotlight is a website that is accessible to many casting agencies and directors for a new child as well as adults who have a penchant for acting.

5. Understand What Casting Is And Its Process:

In case the child is selected for an audition, the agency keeps the child or the parents well informed, or a notice of two or three days, shoots are done either after school hours, during school hours or on weekends, sometimes the child may have to miss the school for a day or two they need to travel. Preparations for casting can differ, some might get a whole script while others might be a small role or just a brief preview. Apart from these specific pointers as below:

  • The casting process could be extended, so it’s good to carry drinks and snacks.
  • Nobody decides what you wear, but it is better to wear, clean, proper and clothes that are comfortable.
  • Do not make the child wear too heavy patterned or loud clothes
  • This is a process that takes time, so it is good to have patience.

6. Prepare Your Kid For The Failure:

Directors and casting agencies are very selective at times. So the child could be good but does not get the role. Therefore, no need to take the result personal as they might look for a very peculiar style. So, teach the children it is okay not to get the role as other opportunities will come their way.

7. Keep The Documents Ready:

In case the child makes up to the role, they might ask for certain documents like a passport, which should be kept ready. They might need data related to the child’s weight, their height, the shoe size, their address, etc. They might also need permission letter or signatures from the school authorities, and the availability of a chaperone( the one who will accompany the child, whose expenses will be paid separately by the agency).

How Do I Prepare My Child For An Audition?

It is exciting to know if the child has the potential and gets selected for the audition. This is not so easy, and one should be careful of educating the child before the audition as that can help him/her in performing smoothly. Given below are some of the pointers one should keep in mind for preparing the child to give their best.

1.    Mentally Prepare The Child:

It is seen that mentally preparing the child before helps them to perform better, be it any situation. It keeps them ready to face the issue. The child must be aware of what he is auditioning for, in case of a commercial, the child should have adequate knowledge, its usage, the condiments used with the products, etc. So, it is good to talk and provide extensive knowledge related to the product so that the child can answer and perform with confidence. For Example, if the child has been selected to feature for a cheese brand, he should know what cheese is made up of, what all are its usages, types of cheese, taste, texture, etc. This way, he sounds and acts more convincingly.

2.    Train To Speak Cofidentally:

The child needs to bond with the director and other members of the selecting team. They tend to assess the child by asking him a few questions. So it is vital to prepare the child to answer possible questions or tell him to describe himself/herself in 2-3 lines so that he can speak with confidence in front of the director, be honest and bond well, and has no inhibitions or fear to speak.

3.    Never Pressurise The Child:

The child is too small, so it is significant not to build pressure around him and let him relax and enjoy what he is doing. The happy kids are the ones who perform the best, then the ones who are scared and under tremendous pressure. Like it is important to relish what you eat, so it is equally important to enjoy what you are doing. After the audition is over, give them a warm hug and assure they did well even if they haven’t as it is important to boost their morale.

4.    Never Let A “NO“ Hit The Child Badly

Another thing not to forget is that in this field, things do not fall in platter easily, and there are more no’s instead of yes, so one must prepare for the same.
The whole idea of audition should be fun-filled and enjoying so that the child has a reservoir of pleasant memories and remembers audition as a good experience, and as parents, they can only motivate the child and make them feel good about themselves and not get into a competition or get personal.

10 Best Tips To Choose A Modelling Agency For The Kid

In case the child has a disposition towards posing and is camera-friendly and loves to show new looks, be sure enough there is a model in him/her. Modeling agencies are on the lookout for new, fresh, and confident faces. The children industry today is growing by leaps and bounds, and kids are getting selected at very early stages for new roles and acts. In the present times, there are demands from a new-born baby to a teenager for the promotion of clothes, shoes, for side roles, eccentric kid products, etc.
Given below are some of the points that should be kept in mind that help in the selection of a good modeling agency that can give a break to the child, and these are:

  1. It is important to choose the right agency as that will get the maximum opportunities for the child and save the stress, money, and time. A good modeling agency also ensures that the child’s needs are given a priority and are accommodating to any issues of the child.
  2. It is important to give good photos but not mandatory to get it done by a professional photographer as a reputable agency needs to see only snippets of the child and decide in selecting him/her. In case selected, the agency may then demand the professional photographer or charge an affordable price to show the child’s pictures on the company’s website.
  3. It is not advisable to go for companies that advertise that they are on the lookout for kids. A reputable agency generally has tie-ups with companies and keep getting children without advertising
  4. A reputable modeling agency will never charge to come for an interview or a meeting, try to prevent frauds as many in this field can run with the money but not offer any work. It is integral to not make any payment at the very first meeting.
  5. Never be in a rush to sign any document, always take a good time to read, and a genuine or reputable good agency would first meet the child face-to-face and will not make you rush in signing any document or contract for the modeling assignment.
  6. Another important step is to be prompt at the time, and be flexible when called for any meeting. For this purpose, it is better to have one’s transport and travel whenever necessary.
  7. Be genuine- In case one wants the child to be a model but not during school hours, then there should be transparency between the director, and the parent, most of the shoots will happen mostly on weekdays so a child who is not ready to miss schools will have to go through a struggle period as most companies work only during the weekdays and not weekends.
  8. Shoots are, at times, a tedious process and take long hours, so the child should be well equipped with drinks, food, and snacks as it might not be provided at the venue. Sometimes, the child may have to wait for a good time or do many shoots, which could be tiring, so better to have a backpack of few games, books, etc. to keep them busy and occupied.
  9. The child should always be neat and presentable as he might get selected for other shoots or roles by people who keep coming at the agency. It is always advisable to carry some pairs to change so that the child can look the best. The whole industry works on the first look, so as a child model, the kid must live up to the mark. With all this, he needs to love, enjoy, and have fun with what he or she is doing. Else it is a waste of time.

Thus, the above tips will help in getting far-fetched result, and for detailed information, one should visit the website of NCEE (National Network for Children in Employment & Entertainment (NCEE), this is related to the school-going children, and if the child is selected for modeling or acting, a performance license is important which is also something that a good agency will help in organizing. Always remember that if the child is happy and satisfied, so will the parents be, and he will perform the best and will be reaping benefits for all. So, tell the child to enjoy and be confident, and he would emerge as a winner soon.

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