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Litchis During Pregnancy – Are They Safe?

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Most pregnant women do have various food cravings and if you happen to be craving for litchis by any chance, read on to know all that you ever wanted to know about litchis and how safe they are for you during this period.
Once you discover you have conceived, the next step after visiting your doctor is deciding on a nutritious and healthy diet which is absolutely safe for you and your little one. As everyone knows fruits are ideal during this period and you need to include all the seasonal fruits and veggies in your daily diet to ensure you finally give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. Litchis are a wonderful choice which is a must add to your diet provided moderation is exercised with this sweet fruit.
Litchis during pregnancy

  • What Is Litchi?
  • Health Benefits Of Eating Litchis While During Pregnancy
  • Negative Impacts Of Eating Too Many Litchis During Pregnancy

What Is Litchi?

Litchi which is a tropical fruit is a part of the Sapindaceae fruit family and belongs to the evergreen variety. Armed with a tantalizing aroma and flavor, this lovely fruit is grown all over the world. Having its roots in China, this delicate fruit should be eaten fresh. There are various varieties of litchis like Emperor Litchi, Brewster Litchi and Ohia litchi to mention a few of the most common among them.

Health Benefits Of Eating Litchis While During Pregnancy

  1. Provides an excellent boost to your immunity system: Litchis are packed with Vitamin C and are ideal to provide your immunity system with the much required boost during pregnancy. They help to ward off cold and cough during these nine months
  2. Controls the circulation of blood in your body: Since litchis are rich in Vitamin C, they aid in hiking up the absorption of iron in your system thereby maintaining the level of hemoglobin in your blood. As one is probably aware, hemoglobin is a vital factor assisting to regulate the circulation of blood in the system
  3. Helps to retain fluid balance in your system: Litchis also have traces of potassium which are absolutely necessary to regulate fluid and sodium levels in your system. They are also helpful in controlling your blood pressure and thus lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks
  4. Ensuring good bowel movements: Most women face the issue of constipation and irregular bowel movements during their pregnancy period. If you also happen to be one among them, then litchi is absolutely necessary for you. Litchis are packed with water and fiber which aid in healthy digestion and lower the risk of piles and colon cancer
  5. Litchis provide you with glowing skin: Loaded with anti oxidants, litchis play an important role in providing you with healthy and glowing skin which is soft and beautiful too
  6. Rich in polyphenols: Litchis also are proven to be loaded with Polyphenols that are found to be ideal in combating weight issues and damage of the liver. They are also good for type 2 diabetes
  7. Regulate cholesterol levels:
    Including litchis in your daily diet will also aid in lowering the level of bad cholesterol in your blood and hiking up the good cholesterol level. That makes up for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy you!
  8. Litchi is a natural antacid: Consuming litchis are ideal to treat nausea, heart burn, acidity and even ulcers in the stomach. They are thus ideal during pregnancy to avert nausea
  9. Provide energy to your system: As litchis are rich in potassium, they are quite helpful in warding off fatigue, muscle cramps, arrhythmia and weakness that one usually suffers from during that nine month period

Although litchis are an ideal addition to your pregnancy diet, it is vital you exercise certain precautions while consuming them during your pregnancy period. There are quite a number of after affects if you happen to over eat litchis while you are expecting your baby. Read on, to find out more about the complications that are likely to arise due to over eating of litchis in this period.

Negative Impacts Of Eating Too Many Litchis During Pregnancy

  1. Litchis generate internal heat that can cause unnecessary complications in this period
  2. There also lurks a danger of catching infections
  3. Over eating of litchis can even cause a case of still birth
  4. When you consume litchis in large quantities during your pregnancy period, there is every chance of triggering a hemorrhage
  5. They can also hike up your blood sugar levels in your system which can even lead to diabetes when you are carrying

The best course thus would be to consult your doctor and ensure that litchis are absolutely safe for you before beginning to eat them. As each one’s constitution is different, your doctor would be the best person to advise you in this aspect and also give you a perfect idea about how many litchis can be eaten every day.

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