Plums During Pregnancy

Being healthy is an important attribute of pregnancy and is vital for the health of both the mother and the baby. Pregnancy diet refers to the intake of all important nutrients such as folate, iron, calcium, vitamins etc. in order to refine the eating style for a balanced nutrition that should be coming from a combination of food groups comprising of fruits as well as vegetables, breads, pulses, grains, dairy as well as protein sources.

Plum is one fruit that is very delectable as well as nutrient loaded and extremely beneficial for the pregnant women. However, before including it in the diet it is vital to know the nutritional intake, how safe it is in pregnancy, the health benefits, side effects, some important tips of consuming it during pregnancy etc. Let us have a brief synopsis of the same.

What Are Plums?

Plums are one of the most colorful fruits as they have different shades in it. Apart from being attractive in appearance, they are equally tasty as well as nutritious. They belong to the Prunus variety of plants and are in the same family of peaches, almonds etc. They have a hard covering around the seeds. This fruit is quite famous in our country and many variants of the same are available throughout the country. One very famous one available in India is “aloo Bukhara”. This can be sweet as well as sour and liked by all.

Plums, when dried, is referred to as prunes and these are highly beneficial for one’s health as it is densely nutrient loaded and very delicious in taste.

Is Eating Plums Safe During Pregnancy?

Plums are a good choice to be consumed during pregnancy. They are highly advisable due to the rich nutrient quality. One has to be only cautious if susceptible to kidney problems and it is better to get a go-ahead from the doctor before adding it to your diet.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of Plums?

This fruits is very nourishing and has a plethora of health benefits for both the mother and the baby. It comprises of minerals like potassium, vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, apart from the fiber intake and the antioxidants like Neo Clorogenic and Chlorogenic acid that minimize the danger of all sorts of long-lasting diseases. Plums can be consumed both fresh

Delicious and luscious plums contain about 46 calories for every 100g consumed. They have no fats and are loaded with minerals as vitamins. They even help to increase the iron intake in the body.

12 Amazing Benefits of Eating Plums during Pregnancy

Plums are a great source of nutrition and one of those fruits that should be added to the pregnancy diet as they are much needed for the mother as well as the baby’s health. It carries many health benefits and they are mentioned as under:

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure: Regulating blood pressure is very important during pregnancy. High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to several dangerous pregnancy complications like preeclampsia. Fiber-rich plums help to regulate the blood pressure during pregnancy.
  2. Provides Energy: Plums have vitamin C that helps in the protection of the cell from damages and offers more energy which is vital during the course of pregnancy.
  3. Controls Pregnancy weight: Plums are low in calories. Therefore you can have this fruit without worrying about putting extra weight during pregnancy.
  4. Prevents Heart Diseases: Plums are low in fat level. Also, it has zero saturated fat content. This helps in lowering the occurrence of heart ailments.
  5. Helps With Constipation: Plums have a good fiber intake that helps with the digestive system and helps in easing or minimizing constipation issues as it is laxative in nature. Constipation and hemorrhoids are the common issues faced by many of the expecting women.
  6. Prevents Preterm Labour: Plums are rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax the muscles. Therefore, eating plums during pregnancy helps the cervical muscles to relax and thereby keeping early labor contractions at bay.
  7. Maintains Eyesight: It has been seen that the consumption of plums minimizes the occurrence of degeneration of the retina.
  8. Good For The Brain: Due to a powerful intake of antioxidants present in plum, it helps in the protection of lipid levels present in the brain cells. Therefore expecting mothers can increase their memory power by eating two to three plums a day.
  9. Supports The Bones: Vitamin A is also a major constituent of plums that help to boost the bone growth and development. It even has potassium, Vitamin K, calcium, and phosphorus. All these elements help to maintain the bone density of mother and development of the skeletal system of bones.
  10. Helps With Stress and Fatigue: It is common to get stressed and fatigued during the course of pregnancy. Consumption of plums helps in combatting these as it has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to increase the energy levels of the body and also offer supports the body functions as well.
  11. Helps to Absorb Iron: As the blood volume increases 50% during pregnancy, it is very important to increase the iron intake. Plums help to combat anemia, not because it is enriched with iron, but because it is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for absorption of iron.
  12. Prevents Blood Clotting: Your blood tends to clot fast during pregnancy. This your body’s way to limit the blood loss during labor and delivery. Blood clot formation during the gestation period can bring about several issues. Vitamin K is a major component of plums that helps in the prevention of blood clots.

Is There Any Side Effects Of Eating Plums During Pregnancy?

Plums are difficult to resists as they are too delicious and colorful. Pregnancy is a time when one has to take the best from all food groups. Plums are no doubt, delectable as well as loaded with nutrients, but if taken in excess, it has its own side effects and they are as follows:

  1. Risk Of Kidney Stones: Plums are loaded with oxalate and if one has the problem of kidney stones, consumption of plums should be strictly prohibited as plums can aggravate the kidney stone issues.
  2. Zero calorific content: Throughout pregnancy, the body is in need of surplus of calories that help in the growth of the baby and also in weight gain for the mother, but since it has zero calories intake the stomach does get filled yet the required calories are not so one should keep supplement for sure.

Tips To Eat Plums during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very crucial phase for a women’s life. There are too many do’s and don’ts attached to the consumption of fruits and vegetables which is dependent on the health conditions of the pregnant women. Having it an excess of plum not in the advised manner can be harmful later, so one should follow the guidelines, few of them are stated as under:

  • It is advisable to consume fresh plums as they are more beneficial.
  • It is advised to not take more than 2 dried plums in order to avoid constipation.
  • Plums are nutritious but sole intake is not sufficient for the calories consumption so one should always take other supplements to suffice the need.

Therefore, one can say that a balanced diet is extremely significant for the healthy lifestyle and following a healthy diet offers the required nutrients and gives a good feeling and is even beneficial for the growing fetus but it is also mandatory to take it in the right amount with proper consultation with the doctor, keeping in mind the exceptions and side effects.