Lord Ayyappa Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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Lord Ayyappa Names For Baby Boys

Parents-to-be – be it the mother, the father, or the to-be grandparents, are always excited to welcome the new addition to the family. Among many other things, naming the child is one of the most exciting events. Everyone has a suggestion of different baby names. The parents might want something generic, or unique; something foreign or Indian, something modern or ancient.

While many names have come and gone in the baby name trends, the love for God’s names has never decreased. Many people to date love to name their child after a God. It could be their favorite God, the God they prayed to for a child, or a God who symbolizes something impressive. Lord Ayyappa is one such powerful God.

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Who is Lord Ayyappa?

Lord Ayyappan is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. He is the presiding deity of the infamous Sabarimala and is one of the most powerful Gods with immense power to both protect as well as destruct.

Pilgrims go to Sabarimala to get a glimpse of the famous God. Getting there is not an easy task and devotees go through a lot of difficulties to trek up the slippery path to the temple. They go in groups, chanting Lord Ayyappa’s name to give them moral strength and the perseverance to make it to the top.

List of Top 30 Lord Ayyappa Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

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Lord Ayyappa is believed to have been born out of the union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the avatar of Mohini; thus, making Ayyappa a combination of two powerful Gods, who rule the Earth. Vishnu is considered the protector of the universe and Lord Shiva is considered the destroyer.

If you are a devotee of Lord Ayyappa, it is only natural for you to name your darling son after him. Looking for some interesting options? Here is an extensive list of Lord Ayyappan names for boys:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Achankovil Name of a river in Kerala and also a temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa
2 Adhyuth Associated with Lord Ayyappa
3 Ayyappan / Aiyyappan Ayya means Vishnu and Appa means Shiva. Aiyyappan is a different spelling for the Lord’s name itself.
4 Aryanathan Another name for Lord Ayyappa
5 Bhoolokanathan One who rules the Earth
6 Bhoothanathan Ruler of the Earth
7 Dharmasastha One who protects Dharma
8 Erumelivasan One who lives on Erumelai – an important halting spot for pilgrims to Sabarimala
9 Hariharaputra Son of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara)
10 Hariharan Born from Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara)
11 Hariharaselvan Son of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara)
12 Hariharasudhan Son of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara)
13 Irumudeeshwar/ Irumudeeswaran Irumudi is the sacred travel kit carried by pilgrims to Sabarimala. This kit is readied after a sacred ritual and is compulsory to ascend the last 18 holy steps into the temple in Sabarimala.
14 Jagadeesh Lord of the universe
15 Kaliyugavaradhan The protector of Kaliyugam (Lord Ayyappa is known as the Lord of Kaliyugam)
16 Karunasagar Merciful, Sea of mercy, Lord Ayyappa
17 Manikanda/ Manikandan One with a bell around his neck – another name for Lord Ayyappa
18 Manikanta/ Manikantan One with a bell around his neck – another name for Lord Ayyappa
Neelimalavasan One who lives on Neelimala – the last lap of the trek up the Sabaraimala. This is a very difficult and slippery stretch to the temple.
19 Pambavasan One who lives in Pamba (the longest river in Kerala – Sabarimala is on the banks of this river)
20 Pandalavasan One who lives in Pandalam (the holy town connected to lord Ayyappa. The king of Pandala is the one who brought the holy idol of lord Ayyappa to the temple of Sabarimala)
21 Ponmalan Sabari hill (ponmala)
22 Sabari The hill on which Lord Ayyapa lives / One who lives on Sabari hill
23 Sabareesh/ Sabarish/ Sabareesan/ Shabarish One who lives on Sabari hill
24 Sabareeshwara/ Sabarishwara God of Sabari mala
25 Sabari Girish / Sabari Gireesh Lord of Sabari mala
26 Sabarinathan / Sabarinadhan Lord Ayyappa
27 Sabarishri Lord Ayyappa
28 Shri Jagadeesh Lord of the universe
29 Veeramani A brave one with a bell around his neck
30 Veeramanikanta A brave one with a bell around his neck

Naming your child after a God you love, believe in, or idolize is a great way to name your child. It can be very powerful, meaningful and pass positive vibrations. While the above-mentioned names are some of the classical names for Lord Ayyappa, you can always come up with mild variations to make it sound modern.

While some names may sound very religious or ancient, you can add a suitable prefix or suffix to the name. This way, your child can have both a modern and a traditional powerful name together. Such a versatile name can also save you from teenage tantrums when your son grows up and does not like a traditional name or wants something sounding modern.

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