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Make Sure Your Toddler Gets the Right Care

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Toddlers are full of curiosity to learn and explore every possible thing. They develop a strong sense of their own will and judgment. They will want to explore new things and areas, some of which can even be harmful for them. So, instead of telling them not to do something, which makes them even more curious, you should simply distract them or make them understand why doing  something  would harm them. Toddlers understand the difference between right and wrong so talking to them and explaining them will actually help you. Your child might pick up bad habits like hitting or swearing as he gets exposed to different people in the world. In such a case you should teach him/her about how these things can be hurt others and explain patiently that they should not do so. Remember to praise them for their good behavior so that they feel encouraged to keep practicing good deeds.

Physically, toddlers can walk, run, climb stairs and do a variety of other activities such as taking off their clothing, picking up things, kicking a ball, pushing and pulling things, and assisting you in minor household chores by bringing to you something you ask for. They learn all these things by playing and experimenting so it is necessary that you encourage them to keep learning. This will pave way in developing their confidence and self-esteem. Do not discourage them or let them feel that they are interfering as such a feeling might demoralize them.

Socially, toddlers can understand and respond to your commands completely. Although toddlers can speak, their vocabulary is limited. Sometimes, they might not find appropriate words to express their feeling which might upset them. In such a case, you should remain patient with them and make them feel secure by encouraging them to slowly put their feelings in words. Toddlers often feel shy in presence of strangers, so you should reassure and encourage them to take their own time to mix up with others.

Getting your toddler to eat healthy food is another major concern. At this stage, children are prone to cold, flu, mild fever, etc. as they come in contact with a larger number of bacteria and viruses. You can boost their immunity by encouraging them to eat healthy food. Children always copy their elders so if they see you eating junk food, they would want to eat the same, so it is better to lead by example. Some children are fussy eaters. They will reject things that they once used to love eating. You have to accept this as a part of their growing up and not become impatient with them. Also, you will have to be patient with them if they make a mess while trying to eat by themselves. Set examples of healthy eating yourself and your child will follow.

Toddlers need 10-12 hours of sleep on an average plus a short nap in the afternoon. They get tired easily due to playing and jumping around. Make sure they do not sleep too late or get up too early. Try to fix a routine to ensure they get the required amount of rest at a proper time. A good sleep will ensure a healthy pace of development.

Toddlers are prone to accidents due to the fact that they constantly want to explore new things. Make sure you child-proof your house as much as possible and remove harmful things like medicines and detergents from their reach. Also, keep a well-stocked first aid kit for minor injuries like bruises and cuts.

In case of any medical emergency, take your child to a doctor immediately. Parents just need to spend a healthy amount of time with their children to ensure that they grow up to be happy and balanced.

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