Maternity Leave Plan Checklist

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Pregnancy, the most beautiful phase of a women’s life is not an easy as it seems so. Pregnancy is different for all women, complicated for some and smooth for others. From the start till the end every step has to be taken cautiously. There are a plethora of things for the women to remember, she has to be careful while eating, walking, sleeping etc. Similarly maternity leave period differs for each woman.
Maternity period is the phase where the new mother takes leave from the office and uses this phase as per her convenience by taking short or long leaves needed. Much before the leave is applied there is a number of documents required, and going forward we will be having a look at the documents that are needed for applying for a maternity leave, the questions that are should be asked to employers. Preparation for maternity leave is a combination of many steps. Let us discuss them one by one.

List of Documents for Maternity Leave:

A women needs to have the undermentioned documents in order to apply for the maternity leave.

  • Medical Credentials where the maternity care is being taken care of the employee.
  • Discharge synopsis
  • The Birth Credentials of the new born baby and the one issued by the Municipal authorizations.
  • The photo of the baby delivered.
  • The details of pregnancy and anticipated date of delivery.
  • Proof of delivery.
  • Any credentials regarding miscarriage if any.
  • If there is any form of ailments in relation to pregnancy/ post-delivery/ or pre –term birth.
  • The medical credentials should be duly signed by a MBBS health expert.

Preparing for maternity leave at work

Preparation for the maternity leave at work is a very systematic process and not very complicated. One can easily keep it in mind these points and plan consequently.

  • Have a good knowledge regarding the rights of a women- Every company has a different set of rights for women employees so having  a good knowledge makes it easier for the women employee to take a wise call.
  • It is better to have a first- hand knowledge from a co-worker who has experienced the same situation.
  • The women employee can devise a plan keeping in mind how much leave she needs, what kind of accessibility she wants while she is on leave, amount of work she wants to take once she resumes work, if she wants to be a full-timer or a part-timer etc.
  • Set an appointment with the senior manager or the boss and keep the whole devised plan ready in writing so that no confusions happen.
  • The baby’s arrival can at times be preponed or postponed or could even have complications at the last minute so she needs to have a plan in place which covers these odds.
  • In case she does not wants to disconnect completely while on leave, she should ask for weekly or monthly emails from the work sphere.
  • She needs to train the replaced employee the appropriate manner of handling the clients, the peers, the juniors, senior level employees or any other area of responsibility.

Questions to ask employer about maternity Leave

Before applying for the maternity leave it is viable that the women employee keeps a set of questions ready to be answered by the company in various departments where clarity is required.
What is the process of payment during the maternity leave?

  • What is the duration for the leave?
  • How flexible is the company towards the employee in using the time?
  • If the leave can be taken in portions or postponed for a later stage.
  • What part of the salary will be given while on leave?
  • What happens to the equity while on leave?
  • In case the company offers compensation based on incentives, then what process will work for employees on leave?
  • What is the eligibility regarding the bonus?
  • How much commission will be paid when on maternity leave?

Fringe Benefits while on Maternity Leave

  • Process of health insurance while on leave
  • Payment of life insurance policies
  • Any benefits while on leave (Retirement, sick leaves, emergency leaves, unscheduled leaves, sabbatical phase etc.)
  • In case of a complication how does the short period of disability works?
  • Conditions in case I have to leave early for the delivery.
  • Would a premature delivery be counted as a part of the maternity leave?

The Minute yet important Logistics for getting a Maternity Leave

  • Credentials to be submitted.
  • Approximate month or time of leaving and resuming work.
  • Adding the new born to the health insurance and take care of other required changes with the time of submission.
  • Adding the new born child as a beneficiary in the mothers retirement scheme

Policy followed after resuming work post maternity Leave

  • Will the company or the employer let me work over the phone or at flexible hours?
  • Any specific cubicles or rooms allotted for expressing milk
  • Any new schemes or developments that the mother needs to know which is beneficial for the baby.

Thus, maternity period is a bliss for all the female employees of a company and can be fruitfully enjoyed if planned strategically. After all being a mother is the toughest of all so care should be taken at home and office that the phase is smooth and one with everlasting sweet memories.

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