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8 Ways To Prevent Neck Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings immense joy and anticipation for the new mom to be but pregnancy is not a bed of roses. A pregnant woman deals with various pregnancy woes like nausea, constipation, fatigue or even neck and back pain. But there is nothing to panic as there are umpteen tried and tested natural and home remedies that will help you get relief from these common issues. Neck pain is one such issue that can really hinder your daily activities. Read on to know more about neck pain during pregnancy and some wonderful tips to deal with it.
neck pain during pregnancy

  • Causes Of Neck Ache During Pregnancy
  • 8 Tips To Prevent Neck Pain During Pregnancy

Causes Of Neck Ache During Pregnancy

  • The various hormonal changes that occur in your system once you conceive, causes a difference in posture and this can trigger neck pain
  • There is an expansion of your neck ligaments and even your muscles in your back become pressurized as your stomach begins to grow. These conditions trigger neck ache
  • As most pregnant women are advised to sleep as much as possible on the left side, sleeping constantly on the left side can cause stiffness in your neck and trigger neck pain
  • As you move forward in your pregnancy, you become less mobile and find yourself spending a lot of time watching something or reading. This also causes stain in your neck

8 Tips To Prevent Neck Pain During Pregnancy

Here are a few tips that may help to prevent neck pain during pregnancy:

  1. Indulge in a water based sport preferably swimming: It has been found that basic pregnancy workouts in water and even swimming provide excellent relief from neck pain. Your doctor will be able to advise you what water work out is best for your neck pain
  2. Ensure you maintain good posture: Don’t you remember how mom used to be behind you telling you to maintain a proper posture while walking? You need to continue this even while you are pregnant. A good posture is imperative and crucial to avert and lower the chances of any kind of neck pain you may develop during pregnancy. As your stomach grows, your body requires stretching all over in order to make enough space for the tiny mite growing within you. Automatic ally the body’s balance is transferred to your spine. When the weight increases, you begin slouching in order to balance the weight. This will stiffen the muscles in the neck tensing them and slowly leads to neck pain. So make sure you maintain a proper posture while pregnant
  3. Use a pillow you are comfortable with: A bad pillow can be the villain that triggers severe neck pain in many cases. Hence, just getting yourself a pillow that you are extremely comfortable with can be an excellent solution that will reduce your neck pain to a certain extent. Make sure the pillow you are using is neither too hard nor extremely high. Make sure you get yourself a comfortable pillow that will help you combat your neck pain
  4. Avoid slouching and looking down: Looking down or slouching constantly can put a lot of stress on the neck area which automatically causes severe discomfort and neck aches. If your work involves looking at the computer screen constantly or just desk work, ensure you are at eye level with whatever you are doing. It makes a lot of difference if you are looking ahead and avoid looking down, which ensures your neck is at a safe angle that does not trigger neck painpregnant woman neck pain
  5. Consult a chiropractor: Although you need your doctor’s permission before you decide to consult a chiropractor, this professional can really work wonders with your neck and help you get rid of neck pain without any problems at all. A chiropractor ensures that your joints in every part of your body are proportionally adjusted in order to relieve you of any kind of pain that you have been experiencing. However, you need to make sure that the chiropractor you plan consulting is qualified and has experience working with women who are carrying
  6. Stretch out often: It is imperative that the mom to be stretches herself often during this period. The various alterations in center of gravity and weight cause straining of various muscles that can cause neck and back pain. Stretching out can provide much needed
  7. Get a neck massage: Asking your spouse to do a comforting neck massage can work miracles in helping you relieve that constant pain that you have been experiencing in your neck
  8. Try out simple workouts: There are a lot of simple workouts that even pregnant women can do that will ensure that neck and back pain is kept at bay during this period. One simple neck exercise:
      • Sit down straight and look right ahead. First turn your head to your left side as far as it will stretch and retain this position for around fifteen seconds. Then return to the first position
      • Repeat the same to your right side and come back to the original pose

Now stretch your chin right up to your chest and remain in that position for around fifteen seconds. Come back to your original pose
This is a simple workout will effectively combat neck pain during pregnancy. Bear in mind the fact, it is best to resort to natural tips and remedies rather than reaching out for any medications that should be avoided as much as possible during this sensitive phase. All the above mentioned simple tips are sure to provide you relief from neck pain. Make sure you speak with your doctor and seek his approval before you resort to any of these measures.

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