Planning a vacation with your family is the most thrilling experience. It fills you with excitement and enthusiasm but as soon as you look at your little one your face turns pale. You know the change in the environment and the climate will not be acceptable to him and all the happiness fades off. But you can easily plan your vacation with your little one keeping these things in mind:

  • Always remember to keep the basic medicines of your child. This includes the medicines for fever, cough and cold, stomach ache etc. It will help you, if your child faces these problems due to climatic change.
  • It is very important to keep your paediatricians number handy so that you can seek his help whenever needed.   A change in weather can bring about allergies or rashes in your child’s skin. So always keep a rash free cream with you.
  • If you are out in the sun don’t forget to use a sunscreen on your child’s body as the sun rays can be harmful to his skin.



  • If you are moving in a car, make sure to sit with your baby at the back seat, it being a safer place for the kids, saving him from the sun and dust.
  • If you want to look out of the window, make sure the sun rays are not falling on your child directly. See that he is not exposed to dry winds or dust, causing any kind of illness.
  • Keep the clothes according to the climate of the place you are visiting. If the days are hotter and the nights are comparatively cooler at the place you are going, then keep some woollens for your kids, without taking things for granted. Keep Vaseline and other body lotions for your kid to save him from dryness.
  • If you are travelling by a plane, make sure you place the cotton sobs in the ears of your child especially during takeoff and landing. The pressure in the air can cause ear pain in your child. Give him the bottle to feed or help him with the tether
  • If the place you are going to has a hot climate, keep light clothes for your kids and change them at least twice or thrice a day so that your child is not sweating much.
  • Keep some snacks or biscuits or any other food item that your baby likes and his sipper in your baby bag so that it is available to you whenever you need it. Children often get cranky when they are hungry or thirsty, so avoid such situations.

Keeping these points in mind, you can easily plan your vacation with your kid without facing any trouble. If your kid is keeping fit and happy, your vacation with your partner becomes a happier one. Enjoy yourself, click some photographs and spend some quality time with your family without worrying about anything else!