Pregnancy At 14 Weeks

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fetus week 14

Week 14:

Yay! The nausea, morning sickness have all vanished, you can pat your back to have successfully crossed this phase. The uterus will be little above your pubic bone and is enough to push your tummy out. Since the tummy has started to show, it will be thrilling for you and your partner as it’s a visual evidence of the baby you both have been waiting for.

Physical and Emotional You

You have entered second week of your second trimester.

  • The waist line and the breasts continue to grow. You will feel like eating for two. By now you would have put on a considerable amount of weight (please do not even think about dieting!) and might be wearing your new maternity clothes.
  • Your energy should be back, atleast to some proportion. Make the most of it!
  • Your immunity will be running very low, so you are an easy target for the germs around. Make sure you wash your hands very often, and carry a sanitizer when a hand wash is not accessible. Refrain from sharing things used personally.
  • Nose bleeding can also occur because blood vessels in your noise are quite fragile. If you experience heavy nose bleeding, consult your doctor.
  • Emotionally you will be quite moody – see how your partner can help!

Your Baby at Week 14

The rest of the body is growing now and the head is not the biggest part of the body. The arms grow proportionately to the body and the legs become longer. Eyelids and the head will have hair sprouting and the lanugo will cover the most part of the body. You will not be able to make out the colour of the hair until the baby is born. During the ultra sounds you can see the baby opening and clenching its fists, moving and wiggling. Yes, you may not feel it, but the baby is really active inside. He can make a lot of facial expression as well; he might be frowning, squinting, smirking or simply sucking his thumb out of boredom! Liver and spleen become functional. The baby has its first urine and will be released in the amniotic fluid surrounding it. This will keep on happening till it’s born.

The placenta provides nourishment to the baby. It supplies amino acids from your system to the baby, building protein required for muscles and organs. The baby will be now be standing straight as the neck grows supporting the head.

Things to Note

  • Increase your intake of protein in your diet by including meat and nuts – refrain from taking half cooked meat.
  • Feeling moody? Time to speak with your friends and partner; all this might ease you.
  • By now you would have informed your manager and colleagues about the pregnancy so negotiate well with the clauses of the maternity leave.
  • If you are not superstitious you can start buying clothes for the baby.

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.

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