Pregnancy At 23 Weeks

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fetus week 23

Week 23

During this week both mom and baby should be gaining weight. The baby will fit in its skin and lay down important fat. The kick, and turns will become quite frequent as the baby can hear the door slamming and the sound of the car.

Physical and Emotional You:

  • You might experience cramps in your leg and this can happen anytime, even while you are sleeping. Cramps happen due to contraction of particular muscle causing pain in lower leg and calf muscles. Try to straighten your leg and then gently bend with your hands from your toes backwards to the calf.
  • Cramps can also happen if your diet is deficient in iron or magnesium or even salt. You should drink a lot of water and do some stretching exercise before going to bed.
  • Your tummy is moving up and now the pregnancy is easily seen.
  • Some women can experience carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the thumbs and fore figures, owing to compression from water retention on carpal nerve is the cause of this syndrome. See a doctor!
  • Increased vaginal discharge could be observed, which is generally clear, watery and almost odourless. In case you feel itchy and you have some sort of burning sensation, the doctor should be called upon.
  • The Braxton Hicks contractions may start, these are painless contractions on the upper part of the womb. You might experience this after exercising or sex, or even if you have done nothing. It is a way the body practises for child birth.

You may be very excited by now and feel connected with the baby. This is often the best time of pregnancy so you should go ahead and enjoy.

A fetus screening test might find some problems or possible signs of complications in the baby, however things might not be 100% clear. This would leave the new parents worried.

Your Baby at Week 23

  • The baby looks like a tiny doll and weights around 500gms. It perhaps has more skin than fat so it may seem wrinkled.
  • The baby has more of co-ordinated movements now. Yes, the baby is growing stronger, and you, fatter.
  • A substance called as surfactant is formed in lungs, which will help its tiny alveoli to stay open when it is born. It helps oxygen to pass through the surrounding blood vessels. If a mother goes through premature labour an injection of steroids is given to assist in the development of surfactant.

Things to Note

  • Do stretching exercise before going to bed.
  • Do not miss any antenatal tests; many doctors schedule your monthly calendar.

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