Pregnancy At 24 Weeks

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fetus week 24

Week 24

Your baby is now 24 weeks and is about 28 cms long and weighs about 600 gms. The baby has grown large enough for others to feel the kicking and stretching.

Many women notice active babies while they are taking rest, because your moving body acts as cradle for the baby to sleep. Though the baby sleeps 95% of times but can become active while you trying to sleep. 24 week babies have active eye movement which indicates they are dreaming.

Physical and Emotional You

  • The eyes might become itchy and dry, especially if you wear glasses / contact lenses. Try using artificial tears available in medical stores. Remember to wear your sunglasses whenever you go out in the sun.
  • Symptoms like stretch marks, development of pimple-like spots on areolas and salivating more persists. Doesn’t mean you need to dry out the area! This will help your nipples soft and supple – so much so for the baby.
  • You will experience more headaches, this could be impacting your general concentration. This might happen even when there is drop in blood sugar levels from not eating frequently, or not drinking enough water.
  • Both the parents start feeling more connected to the baby. They sing and talk to the baby and even fancy how’s the baby going to look like. Mothers are often observed smiling to themselves, well, for no outside obvious reason.

Your Baby at Week 24

  • The baby weight is around 600-680 gms and is gaining around 170 gms every week from now. See through skin is gone and you see a pinkish-baby like glow.
  • Many babies at 24 weeks have increased breathing patterns specially after the mother eats food containing sugar.
  • Eyelashes and eyebrows grow this week. A thin layer of hair covers the entire face; the excess hair will get absorbed by the time you reach the due date.
  • The sense of sight, taste, touch, hear, and taste are maturing. The baby might develop a sweet tooth while in the womb.
  • Babies born in 24 weeks need special care and support to survive.

Things to Note:

  • Some women develops gestational diabetes, during this stage of pregnancy. Ask your doctor to do glucose screening test.
  • Vitamin C intake should be increased, its acidic properties help fight UTI infections.
  • Try refraining from using any chemical based products like hair dyes, or perming your hair. There is no scientific evidence of linking hair dyes and pregnancy but hey, lets just go safe!
  • You might feel better using a stool to support your legs and feet, though swelling is here to stay!

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