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Pregnancy At 33 Weeks

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fetus week 33

Week 33

At about 17 inches and around the size of a pineapple, your baby is still gaining weight and might grow one inch more this week. The common advice this week that everyone would be suggesting would be to relax. But, it might be difficult. You are going through many changes, and are possibly not sure if you can handle more. Your body is also in a shape that you may not appreciate – and all this might cause you to become sad. This is absolutely common and many women feel like they’ve had enough around this time.

We understand, and we also know that all these feelings will go away once you have your baby in your arms.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Itching eyes – your contact lenses might not be fitting properly, because of fluid retention and change in the shape of eyes. Try your spectacles instead. Also, there is absolutely no need to see an optician. Your eyes will get back to normal post delivery.
  • Because the cushion of amniotic fluid is decreasing, the kicks and blows will come harder on you.
  • Braxton Hicks contraction would be a regular feature, and you know that if it stops when you change your posture or position, it is false.
  • Protruding navel is making you wonder – but it will go back to a decent level post-delivery.
  • Urine leakage could make you upset – wearing a panty liner could be of help.
  • Anxiousness and anxiety would trigger mood swings – you are pretty pissed at times, and at sometimes you might be smiling to yourself.
  • Heartburn is again raising its head, shortness of breath and constipation stay, while you feel fatigued and clumsy at times.

Your Baby at 33 Weeks:

  • Your womb is a safe haven for the baby, and he is now absorbing anti bodies from your body to develop an immune system of his own. This will help him combat the worldly germs once he is out.
  • The bones are hardening, and the skin is getting plump now.
  • To make him squeeze through the birth canal, his skull bones are not being fused together. The head undergoes a lot of pressure during birth, and some babies are even born with a cone shaped head, if the mother has had a long and difficult labor. However, the size gets back to normal after a few weeks.
  • Frequent movements – the baby is all game and has a pattern of his own. As long as there is no major change, your baby is doing well.
  • Brain and lungs continue to mature and this is the time when the baby learns to coordinate his sucking and swallowing with breathing. Way to go, buddy!

Things to Note:

  • Lactation consultant – thought about it?
  • Read about newborn care.
  • Plan who would you like to take in the labor room – don’t make it crowded though.
  • Pediatrician : should be finalized by now.

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