Pregnancy At 34 Weeks

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fetus week 34

Week 34

Advices and more advices! At this time of your pregnancy, you are thrown nonstop suggestions from everyone around. Aren’t you too big for 34 weeks? Ain’t the belly too small? Oh my God, you have put on so much! Ah! Aren’t you eating properly? So on and so forth. The emotional side of you is already overloaded with plenty going on, so do not add these things there. Best way is to smile, and be quiet. If you feel hurt, politely speak up your mind and say that you do not want to talk about this. Your partner may as well become protective for you, sensing these conversations make you concerned or unhappy. At 34 weeks, you are readying yourself for a miracle – do not vest your interests at small, irrelevant things.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Blurry vision could be observed – all thanks to pregnancy hormones. This is also a temporary condition and will go away post-delivery. Itchy eyes and change in the shape of eyes could also be observed.
  • Fatigue, restlessness and tiredness seem a routine- with so much activity happening, this is bound to be the case.
  • Itchy belly, thighs and buttocks – yes they will bother so keep lots of moisturizer and use less of soap.
  • Breathing might become a bit comfortable, now that the baby has slipped lower into your pelvis, giving your lungs a little space. However, bathroom trips will increase as this will put pressure on the bladder.
  • Varicose veins could appear in your legs – especially if you have a history of it.
  • Emotionally, you’d be gushing with worry, anticipation and anxiety. You would also be excited now that you are so close to meeting the baby. You’d be glad that even if your baby decides to see the world today, he’s be all fine and there is no danger to his life.

Your Baby at 34 Weeks:

  • As the baby prepares himself for birth, he should be in the head down position by now, though there is still some time if he hasn’t arrived at this position.
  • Vernix caseosa is still protecting the baby, and the soft hair lanugo plans to take leave. The baby is now developing fat underneath to keep himself warm.
  • If your baby is a boy, his testicles will descend to his scrotum. However, some baby boys are also born with undescended testicles – not to worry, they will take their place in about a week or two.
  • The nervous system and the lungs continue to mature, and the brain keeps on getting smarter.
  • The baby also listens to every conversation that you may have. It is said that songs sung to the baby at this time have been proved to be soothing to them after they are born. There is some serious relationship to be made here!

Things to Note:

  • Handover your pending jobs – you may have a surprise arrival so delegate all the work you need to. Now.
  • Stay away from comparison and stories – no good has ever come out of these two.
  • Read and sing and talk to your baby – after sometime it will be the baby who will do all the talking!
  • Passion for camera, anyone??

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