Pregnancy At 35 Weeks

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fetus week 35

Week 35

Round and growing, the baby and you are gearing up to meet each other. Anxiety rules the air, and apprehensions keep you emotionally bursting with thoughts. As stories from all corners keep flowing at out, just remember, it’s only you and your OB who knows how well you are doing and how the baby’s going to be. Filtered hearing, and confessions to your loved ones will help you. If you start feeling you’ve had too much of a pregnancy, and them quickly shut this feeling up thinking that this isn’t right – do not feel guilty – it is normal

Physical and Emotional You

  • Impatience has taken over, most likely and you want to see the baby now. After all, it’s been time since you have been imagining the nose and the eyes!
  • If your baby is still not in a heads down position, he will most likely shift this week.
  • The baby will come when he is ready – there’s no rule that universe could govern this little fellow with!
  • Yes, you are heavy and slightly bulky now. Remember you are in the final stages of pregnancy! Take rest, and opt for maternity leave now if you feel really outdone by the end of the day.
  • Your uterus is about 1000 times the size what it was when you conceived. And there is more baby now than the amniotic fluid.
  • Peeing too frequently could make you irritated, but do not cut down on your liquid intake.
  • You could see some dried colostrum on your breasts – we hope you are using some real comfy bras!
  • Emotionally weak, you might cry or head for a meltdown at practically anything. Absolutely normal, do not hesitate to say how bad you feel watching the heroine marry someone else than the lover!

Your Baby at 35 Weeks:

  • At about 19- 20 inches, your baby is unlikely to gain more length , but sure enough, it will pack on some fat.
  • The brain is developing intensely, and all neurons are also getting wired up. Time for some fish and omega 3 foods.
  • The baby is unable to move freely in the womb now, so there will be no more somersaults but kicking will be persistent.
  • Physically, the baby is almost mature – he just needs to pack on that fat (and then babies lose their weight in the week after birth – sadly, cannot be said to be true for you!). The fat will insulate him once he is born.
  • He’s hearing all the time!

Things to Note:

  • You might be unable to focus in office meetings now – it’s a good idea to enjoy your leave from now on.
  • Have you planned how you are going to have your baby’s birth announcement made? Hurry!

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