Pregnancy At 36 Weeks

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fetus week 36

Week 36

Month 9 of pregnancy will make you feel that you are so close, yet so far. Its week 36, and at the end of this week, the baby will be considered “pre-term”, “full-term” is 39-40 weeks, 41 weeks is “late term” and if a baby is born after 42 weeks, it is “post term”. There is a huge relief for you in the thought that even if the baby is born now, he will do well, and will have no complications – though he may need a few days in the neonatal care. pregnancy pillow

Physical and Emotional You

  • Energy – yes, you might feel you have got a bit of energy, and might feel pretty good about it.
  • With your stomach having very little space in the body, normal meal will become difficult to consume. Opt for frequent, small meals instead.
  • If your baby is still not in a heads down position, you will have to discuss the delivery options with the doctor. He may also try putting some pressure on your belly to make the baby shift his position.
  • All your old friends like fatigue, constipation, heartburn, aches, swellings and frequent urination are still active.
  • Clumsiness is also a feature in late pregnancies – leave a small bulb on to guide your way to the restroom. It helps.
  • Sleeping – as if it was less difficult – will actually become a thing of the past this week onwards!
  • Sore and aching pelvic bones are common during the final weeks of pregnancy. This is so because pelvic bones are separating and loosening to make you ready for birth.
  • You would most likely be availing your maternity leave this week – if you haven’t earlier. Leave all the office worries there. You might feel happy or sad depending on how you loved your work.
  • Time is running out- make sure you have figured out your support system after the baby is born.

Your Baby at 36 Weeks:

  • At around 2.5 – 2.7 kgs, the baby is readying himself to see the world.
  • The baby is physically almost developed now, he will not be gaining any length but will add some fat making him rounder and chubbier.
  • The lanugo and the vernix caseosa is being shed and the baby swallows both these substances, thus forming his first bowel moment called the meconium, which will be a black mixture.
  • Most of his system are in place, and the digestive system will be tested only once he’s had his first feed.
  • He can close and open eyes, chuckle, grimace, and hear voices. If you would talk, he might respond with a movement in your belly.

Things to Note:

  • Hospital pack should be absolutely ready now.
  • Discuss your delivery options with the doctor.
  • Ensure that you have read a bit about new-borns and feeding the baby.
  • Have you planned how you are going to have your baby’s birth announcement made? Hurry!

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