Pregnancy At 38 Weeks

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fetus week 38

Week 38

Ripe, round and big – this is how you feel at week 38 of your pregnancy. Anxiety and fear play havoc with you, and you are thinking about the classic question, “how is the baby going to come out of my body?” Well, the baby will make his way, but you need to steer away the apprehensions and the ‘what ifs’, and play the “waiting game” with patience. This is the time to trust your instincts and believe in God.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Physically, you are tired, exhausted and uncomfortable. Mucus discharge, pelvic pressure, back pain, swellings, inability to sleep, headaches, et al continue to bother you.
  • Your cervix will soften and dilate thus preparing itself for the delivery.
  • Your breasts will feel more full and heavy – they are just waiting for the baby.
  • Colostrum might be leaking more frequently now – try bra pads if you feel the need to.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions will be more frequent now. You will know they are false as they stop when you change your position.
  • Watch out for leakage of amniotic fluid – in a gush or a trickle, and call your doctor immediately. Also see if you pass your mucus plug – it may come out at once or with the vaginal discharge – bothways it is a sign of labor.
  • Severe headaches need to be discussed with the doctor – could be pregnancy induced hypertension which is not safe for the baby.
  • You will practically have nothing to wear, and this could literally be a mood spoiler. Make do for these last weeks of pregnancy, Mama!
  • Watch out for “bloody show”.

Your Baby at 38 Weeks:

  • Tear ducts are being formed – I don’t want my baby to cry!!
  • The baby is more like a pumpkin now, and at around 3 kgs stands at a length of 20 inches.
  • Tear ducts are being formed.
  • The little one is finding the space inside your tummy to be small now. His movements are less, but whenever he does land a kick on you, you feel it hard.
  • His body is preparing surfactant – this will keep his lungs from sticking and he will be able to breathe after being born.
  • Round and chubby and cute – he is getting ready for those camera flashes!
  • With his head at your pelvic bone, he is also in the mood to meet his family now!

Things to Note:

  • Pregnancy Massages and Maternity belts – give them a try.
  • Stock up the fridge- cooking will be assuming the least priority in the coming weeks.
  • Keep infection at a bay, try to avoid sick people or filthy places.
  • Speed dials – configured yet? Do have a plan B framed in your mind!

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