Pregnancy At 39 Weeks

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fetus week 39

Week 39

Sure enough, there is a lot of discomfort and pain that you are going through every moment. You really want the baby to come out now, and labor is not really scaring you anymore – at this point, you’d do anything to do away with your pregnancy. Well, that could be now, or you might need to hang on a week or two more. The baby will come only when he is ready – and no rule binds that one!

Physical and Emotional You

  • Eagerness, discomfort, pain and discomfort – you are feeling like you have had enough!
  • In the event of your baby not in a heads down position, the OB might take a call on the way you will have your delivery.
  • If your baby has dropped his head into your pelvis, chances are you would be breathing easy, but it will put a pressure on your bladder and you will need to pee very frequently. You still need to take in those fluids – mind this.
  • If you still have the “urge to nest”, get the things done by someone else – save the energy, you’d need lots of it!
  • Labor is setting in, cervix is getting thinner and is dilating. You could still be having false labor contractions, and you will know when real labor strikes – at the top of your uterus to the back and you will not be able to walk or talk.
  • Anything you feel is not normal, do not hesitate to call your doctor. There’s nothing stupid about calling a doctor each time you have a doubt.
  • No practitioner can tell you when exactly are you due. So rest your thoughts, ease out on the doc, and play the waiting game.

Your Baby at 39 Weeks:

  • Mostly at about 21 inches and 3.5 kgs, the mini watermelon has also been ripened up to greet the world.
  • The brain is still having an increased activity, boy, this one is surely going to be like an Einstein!
  • You need to watch out the baby’s movements – the fetal activity can be slow, but it has to be there. In case there is any doubt, see the doctor immediately.
  • He’s still packing on the weight and the fat.
  • Making conversations with the baby now results in better stimulus. Make a smart baby Mama!

Things to Note:

  • Read, catch on movies, listen to music, walk a little– pretty much you have in your kitty!
  • Boys are generally heavier than girls, and girls generally rest at the bottom of the abdomen – so what do you think?
  • Reflections – why not check out the pictures of yourself and your partner when you were babies? These are some real cute moments!

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