Pregnancy At 37 Weeks

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fetus week 37

Week 37

You and your partner will be essentially excited now, and you have some reassurance that the baby would complete the full term by the end of the week. Unless there is a medical reason, the doctor will not be inducing labor or performing a C section before completion of 39 weeks. Though you are very exhausted and tired these days, do not feel stressed over the delivery. The baby does not grow much now, but all his systems are developing fully as yet. And once he is fully ready, he will make the exit.

Physical and Emotional You

  • The “urge to nest” is something that you will feel this week. It basically makes to-be-mothers clean and prepare the house for the baby. Don not be surprised if you find yourself setting up cupboard or getting the floors cleaned up.
  • You would not be experiencing a lot of movement by the baby, that is because he is now snug and fit in your womb- there’s not much space for him to do anything more than stretch or jabbing and kicking.
  • Vaginal discharge will increase, a pinkish-brownish mucus discharge will only mean that the cervix is dilating and the body is getting prepared for birth. Unless you see heavier spotting or bleeding, there is no reason to panic.
  • Labor fear will be pretty common now. Please relax – yes it’s difficult, but do read on stuff that may make you feel that labor is manageable.
  • Dilation and thinning of the cervix will be checked by your OB for signs of labor. Your baby’s position will also be checked and it will be discussed with you.
  • Signs of labor are just some gradual processes, and no one can actually tell when you will get into labor – so stay calm and stay put.
  • Watch out for leakage of amniotic fluid – in a gush or a trickle, and call your doctor immediately. Also see if you pass your mucus plug – it may come out at once or with the vaginal discharge – bothways it is a sign of labor.

Your Baby at 37 Weeks:

  • Close to 3 kgs and at 19-20 inches, the baby is developing all his systems and getting ready for the birth.
  • He is busy absorbing the amniotic fluid, lanugo, and vernix caseosa, the components of his first bowel movement called the meconium.
  • His insulating himself with more layers of fat – thankfully it’s not you now.
  • Most of his system are in place, and the digestive system will be tested only once he’s had his first feed.

Things to Note:

  • Check out for UTI symptoms, if any indication is there, consult the doctor.
  • Make an alternate arrangement – Who is going to drive you to the hospital incase your partner is not around?
  • Ensure that you have read a bit about new-borns and feeding the baby.
  • Time is running out – any last minute fantasies?

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