500 Top Unique Tamil Baby Boy Names With Meanings 

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Written by Tarasha Chandra

Tarasha Chandra

Tamil names for baby boy with meaningEven in today’s modern world, many traditions and cultures consider the birth of the baby boy as a very happy event. The baby’s naming ceremony is an important event and a very big milestone for the new parents. The boys are named as per the nakshatra or constellations of the time and day they are born. In the Tamil language, every pada in a nakshatra indicates a letter. This letter becomes the first letter when naming the baby. There are some amazing Tamil names for baby boy which are rooted in tradition.

With the advent of modernization, many parents look for names that are modern with a traditional or conventional touch. Some parents even go in for numerology while naming their baby. Traditional or modern, naming their baby boy is an exciting and enthralling affair for the new parents and the whole family. Here we give you a list of top Tamil names for baby boys which will save you a lot of trouble before the Peyarsutu Vizha, or the Tamilian baby naming ceremony.

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Tamil Names for Hindu Baby Boy 

The naming ceremony held by Tamilians is known as “Thottil”. This usually happens after 14 days of the baby’s birth. The ceremony is attended by family and friends. Under this, the name of the baby is decided and is repeated thrice by all, after which the baby’s father inscribes it on a plate full of rice.

Some Tamil names for a Hindu baby boy are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadarsh The Sun
2 Aadhan The first one
3 Aadhav Ruler
4 Aadhavan The Sun Lord
5 Aadhiyan Beginning
6 Aaditya The Surya
7 Aadvik Unique
8 Aarav Peaceful
9 Aarush Brilliant as the first ray of the sun
10 Aayush Long lived
11 Aazhiyaan Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra
12 Abaya Fearless
13 Abhijith Successful
14 Abhik Fearless
15 Abhilash Desire or wish
16 Abhinav The innovative one
17 Abhishek Anointing the God’s idol
18 Abinesh Immortal
19 Abiyudhay The lucky man
20 Abu The future
21 Achalendra The king of mountains
22 Achuthan Lord Vishnu
23 Achyut Immortal
24 Adheesh King
25 Adhiyogi Names of Lord Shiva
26 Advait Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu
27 Agastya Name of a sage
28 Agathiyan Lord Shiva’s servant
29 Agnika The nature of fire
30 Agnivesh Medical specialist
31 Ajitabh The winner of the sky
32 Akash Sky
33 Akhil Complete world
34 Aknima Leader
35 Aksaran Devotion to God
36 Akshanath The winner
37 Akshyaguna God with limitless attributes
38 Amar Indestructible
39 Amaran Immortal
40 Amudhan Precious
41 Anandh Happiness
42 Anbalangan Lovely person
43 Anbumani Lovely gem
44 Anbuselvan King of love
45 Annamalai Lord Shiva
46 Appu Precious
47 Araselvan Good character
48 Arash Sense of art
49 Arasu Lord Shiva
50 Arjunan The best archer
51 Arnav A wave
52 Arumugam Lord Murugan
53 Arya Honourable
54 Aryanathan Another name of Lord Ayappa
55 Ashvik Blessed to be victorious
56 Ashvin A star
57 Ashwanth The talent
58 Atharv Knowledgeable
59 Atheesha Lucky one
60 Athri Sage
61 Avaneesh Lord of the world
62 Avyukth Crystal clear
63 Ayyan Superior
64 Ayyapan Son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva
65 Badreesh Lord Vishnu
66 Bainin Kindness
67 Balaji Lord Tirupati
68 Balan Youthful
69 Balu Youth
70 Bhaskaran Beautiful
71 Bhumesh Purity
72 Chatresh Lord Shiva
73 Cheran The moon
74 Chiranjeevi Long-lived
75 Daswin Born to win
76 Deebak Brilliant
77 Desan Intelligence
78 Desigan Obedient
79 Devaraj Name of Indra
80 Dhaban Like the sun
81 Dhabesh Penance
82 Dhakin Rise
83 Dhakshinesh Lord Shiva
84 Dharen Justice
85 Dharun Supporter
86 Dhishan The intelligent one
87 Dhruvan The Polestar
88 Divinesh The Sun
89 Durai The leader
90 Dushyant Destroyer of the evil
91 Esin Handsome
92 Gunal Modesty
93 Hareesh Lord Vishnu
94 Harshana Happiness
95 Hrithik Name of a sage
96 Idhayan Joy of heart
97 Indiran King of Devas
98 Ishanth Name of Lord Shiva
99 Javash The winner
100 Jayanth Successful

Modern Tamil Names For Baby Boy 

Modern Tamil Names For

The language which is closer to its traditions and one of the oldest known to humankind is Tamil. With the modern advent, parents are on the lookout for names that are a fusion of modern and traditional. The present-day names are no longer kept only after gods or ancient figures. Short names are trendier, and some are abbreviations of long names.

The short names are crisp, and some such names are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aagash  Sky 
2 Aaranyan  Jungle
3 Aathesan  King Shiva
4 Aavanyan  Born in August
5 Adanyaan  King Chera’s name 
6 Adithyan  Sun 
7 Akaran  Honoured
8 Aksayan  Wealthy
9 Amithran  Sweet
10 Aran  Lord Shiva 
11 Avaneesh  Lord of the world
12 Barath  India
13 Brunthan  Lord Krishna’s childhood place 
15 Chandan  Sandalwood
14 Chiman  Curious 
16 Daswin  Love
17 Desan  Intelligent
18 Desigan  Patriotic
19 Dhakin  Rise
20 Dhanush  Bow
21 Dharen  Justice
22 Eegan  Influence
23 Egith  Silence
24 Eniyan  Nice
25 Eswar  Lord Shiva 
26 Eswarathan  Well-being 
27 Ezhinan Beautiful
28 Gaureesh  Lord Shiva 
29 Geerthan  Raaga
30 Gowshik  Sage
31 Gowtham  Sage
32 Gunal  Modesty
33 Hareesh  Lord Vishnu
34 Harendra  Lord Shiva 
35 Harivatsa  Lord Brahma
36 Harsha  Pleasure
37 Hiranmay  Gold-like
38 Indrajit  Ravan’s son
39 Inesh  Strong king
40 Ishanth  Peak of Himalaya 
41 Jai Victory
42 Janesha  King 
43 Javash  Winner
44 Jayanth  Successful
45 Jeeva  Immortal
46 Jina  The winner
47 Kailash  Peak of Himalaya 
48 Kalkin  Tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
49 Kalpesh  Lord of perfection
50 Kaman  Lover
51 Kanishk  An ancient king 
52 Kanishtha Youthful
53 Karun  Compassionate
54 Kesari  Son of Kesari 
55 Laknesh  Birth star 
56 Lakshan  Aim
57 Logesh  Lord Shiva 
58 Lohith  Made of copper 
59 Lokajit  Conqueror of the world 
60 Magur  Glass like glitter
61 Mathin  Intoxicating
62 Modhil  Victory
63 Moulik  Pearl
64 Mukesh  Happy 
65 Naren  Filled with joy 
66 Naveen  New 
67 Nayak Hero 
68 Neeraj  Lotus 
69 Neethan  Grace
70 Nimesh  Love 
71 Oorshan  Strict 
72 Parvath  Mountain
73 Poojesh  Worshipper
74 Poorvik  Ancient 
75 Prajesh  God’s name 
76 Pranav  Prayer 
77 Prasanna Cheerful 
78 Praveen  Brave
79 Rajnish  Moon
80 Revanth  Son of Lord Surya 
81 Rohinish  Moon
82 Ronith  Charming
83 Roothik  Improvement
84 Samaran  Remembering
85 Samesh  God like
86 Sanjith Always the winner
87 Saranyu  Wind
88 Sarvin  Lord Shiva 
89 Saswin  Creative thinker 
90 Seershan  Happiness
91 Shastik Brilliant
92 Shravan  Character from Ramayana
93 Thaman Leader 
94 Trivikram  Lord Vishnu
95 Udeep  Affectionate
96 Ukran  Rise
97 Vajin Heroic
98 Vibin  Forest
99 Vidul  Moon
100 Vinay  Modesty 

Unique Tamil Names For Baby Boy 

Unique Tamil Names For Baby Boy

Some parents look for names that have never been heard of or are from scriptures and are less commonly used or heard. The Tamilian scriptures have many such names that are not common but have beautiful meanings.

A few such names are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabhat  Brilliant
2 Aadhirai  Special Star
3 Aadijay  Victory 
4 Aadiv  Delicate
5 Aahvan  Denotes invitation call 
6 Akshiv  God Shiv
7 Ashwananth  Horse rider king
8 Bhavin Always winning
9 Bhavish  Denotes future 
10 Bhoomik Lord of the earth
11 Chaital  Consciousness
12 Charit  Historic
13 Chavrik  Intelligent
14 Cherith Beloved
15 Chivan  Lord Shiva
16 Coshel  Who can do any task
17 Dhaerye  One with courage and patience
18 Dhishva  Conqueror
19 Dhrishay  Bold and courageous
20 Dipesh  Lord of Sunlight 
21 Divik  God’s ray 
22 Ekaj  The only one
23 Ekaksha One-eyed Lord Shiva
24 Falish  Indian tulip
25 Faneesh  Lord Shiva
26 Gavist  Abode of light
27 Girvan  Language of God 
28 Gritik Mountain
29 Harithik From the heart
30 Harshan  Proud and happy
31 Harshith  Joyous and cheerful
32 Henith  Tiger
33 Hitraj  Well-wisher
34 Hridyansh  A piece of the heart
35 Idhayan  Joy of heart
36 Ilan Young one
37 Inesh  Lord Vishnu 
38 Iraiyan  Blessed
39 Isai Denotes music
40 Iyarkai  Nature
41 Janak Good man
42 Jayan Victorious
43 Jayin Conqueror
44 Jegan  Strong
45 Jishnu  Lord Vishnu 
46 Kadal  Ocean 
47 Kairav  White lotus
48 kanish  Caring
49 Karun Soft and kind 
50 Karvin The kind one
51 Keegan Small and fiery
52 Krithvik  God Kathikaey’s name 
53 Lankesh  Ravana of Lanka 
54 Lavanay  The handsome one
55 Lian  Lotus
56 Likith Refers to a writer 
57 Mehul Rain
58 Mohak  Attractive
59 Mrinmoy  Made of Earth
60 Nalin Water
61 Namish  Lord Vishnu 
62 Nandakumar  Lord Krishna 
63 Nesan  Full of love
64 Nihal  The gratified one
65 Nirish  Denotes freedom
66 Nirmay  Made of gold
67 Nivas  Home
68 Oneesh  Lord of mind
69 Onik Soldier
70 Oris  Tree
71 Oviyan  Refers to an artist 
72 Parithi  Refers to sun
73 Parvin  Winner
74 Pavan  Wind
75 Piyan  Guitar
76 Prabhu  God 
77 Prajith King
78 Pranesh  Lord of life
79 Pratiksh  Love
80 Priyadarshan  Gorgeous
81 Pugal  Honour 
82 Ratish  Cupid 
83 Renit  Lord of love
84 Rithul  Seeker of truth
85 Rovin Pleasure 
86 Ruben The lucky one
87 Rupesh Lord of loveliness
88 Ryan  The ruler
89 Sachiv  Friend 
90 Sajeev  Feeling of being alive 
91 Samik  Peacefulness
92 Seelan  The disciplined one
93 Shrish  Lord Vishnu 
94 Sujith  Elegant
95 Taksa  Son of Bharta
96 Tamiloli One who is the Tamil 
97 Tanish  Ambition
98 Tarvin  Palm tree
99 Udbhav  Something that is generated 
100 Uyir  Denotes Life

Ancient Tamil Names For Baby Boy  

Ancient Tamil Names For Baby Boy  

Many Tamil names for baby boys are kept after gods, famous personalities, and kings. The names have meanings that are deep and profound. Parents who want to keep ancient names in Tamil refer to their respective family trees. A few such names are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadhinarayana  Lord Vishnu
2 Agamadhi  Expert
3 Aadhithan  Leading Light 
4 Alambha  A wise man 
5 Agilan  Ruler of the empire
6 Balamurugan  Lord Shanmukha 
7 Balaji Lord Vishnu
8 Balan Immature
9 Balasingham A young lion
10 Chidambaram Broad minded
11 Chinnamuthu A small pearl
12 Chinnadurai Prince
13 Devaram A holy scrptures name
14 Dharmodhar Lord Ganesha
15 Dhruvan Pole Star
16 Devadathan God’s gift
17 Ekanga Protector
18 Ilayaraj Prince
19 Ishwar God
20 Kannan Young Krishna
21 Karthikeyan  Lord Shanmugha
22 Kadhirvelan  Lord Shanmukha 
23 Kasinathan  Lord Shiva
24 Kirubha  Kindliness
25 Kurumuni  Virtuous Person
26 Lingam  Lord Shiva
27 Lingappan  Lord Shiva
28 Lingamurthy  Lord Shiva 
29 Madhavan  Lord Krishna 
30 Mani  A gem 
31 Muruga Velu Lord Shanmugha
32 Muthu Pearl
33 Manikkavel Lord Shanmukha 
34 Manivannan Lord Ayyappa 
35 Nambi  Confident 
36 Navil  To learn
37 Nikaran  Fame
38 Nannan Brave 
39 Oli  Music
40 Oppilamani  Incomparable 
41 Oviyan  Artist 
42 Paruthi  Sun
43 Palani  Famous Murugan Temple
44 Pandiyan  Tamil Dynasty 
45 Senthan  A king 
46 Srivin  Self-existent 
47 Suthran  Loveable 
48 Thayalan  Generous 
49 Uthayan  Rising Sun 
50 Yegesh  Benefit 

Tamil Names For Christian Baby Boy 

Tamil Names For Christian Baby Boy 

The birth of the baby is celebrated in a grand manner in Tamilian customs. Two different names known as Vivahara and Ragasiya are given to the baby, the former name known to all, the latter only known to the family. The latter is kept protecting the child against all negativities. In present times, names are kept as per astrology, numerology, gems, stars, stones, ancestors, etc. Some such Tamil names are Christian baby boys are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aaris Mighty in faith
2 Aaron Superior
3 Abel  Breath
4 Abraham Exalted Father
5 Adam The first man of the earth 
6 Adiel  Adorned by God 
7 Adisson  Son of Adam 
8 Adolph Noble Wolf 
9 Adrian  Resident of Hardia
10 Aldwin  An old friend
11 Alfred Supernaturally wise 
12 Allen  Handsome 
13 Anthony  Worthy of Praise 
14 Baldric  Brave Ruler
15 Ben  The son of south
16 Benito  Blessed
17 Blake  Dark 
18 Bob  Famous 
19 Boris  Fighter
20 Brian  Strong 
21 Bryant  Strong 
22 Caesar  Hairy 
23 Carter  Cart Driver
24 Charles  Strong 
25 Charlie  Cutest Boy 
26 Chris  Follower of God 
27 Christopher  The Christ Bearere
28 Claudius Lame 
29 Clement  Light-hearted
30 Clint  Fair 
31 Conan Little Wolf 
32 Daniel  God is my strength
33 Darian  Wealthy
34 Dariel  Beloved
35 Darrel  Beloved
36 David  Beloved
37 Delroy  Belonging to the king 
38 Dennis  God of Wine 
39 Denzel  Fort 
40 Douglas  Dark 
41 Elroy  The king 
42 Fynn Fair 
43 Godfrey  God’s peace 
44 Hayden  Hay’s Valley 
45 Irwin  Sea Lover 
46 Ivaan  God is gracious 
47 Joshua  God is my salvation
48 Keith  Offspring 
49 Lucas  Light 
50 Martin  God of wars 

A to Z Tamil Names For Baby Boy

A to Z Tamil Names For Baby Boy      

As time changes, the traditional Tamilian culture is also changing. The parents of the present times look for adopting names that are a fusion of modernity, tradition, as well as religion. Some names that are sorted alphabetically are given as under-

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadhin  Bright 
2 Aadit  First one 
3 Aadyot  Praise 
4 Aagam  Intelligence 
5 Aahir  Brilliant 
6 Aahva  Beloved 
7 Aanjay  Unconquerable 
8 Aaran  Exalted 
9 Aarit  One who seeks the right direction
10 Aarsh  Crown 
11 Aaruth Risen 
12 Aashit  Most Intelligent 
13 Abaan  Angel of God 
14 Adhik  Greater 
15 Adhil  Justice 
16 Adhir  Restless
17 Admik  Spiritual 
18 Agam  Profound 
19 Ahan  Morning 
20 Ahar  Defender
21 Ahesh  Ruler
22 Ahil  Prince 
23 Ahyan  God’s gift 
24 Ajan  The Unborn 
25 Ajesh  Lord Hanuman 
26 Ajish  Graceful 
27 Akay  To rise
28 Akhan  Yogi 
29 Akish  Intelligent 
30 Akul  Lord Shiva 
31 Alam  The world 
32 Amal  Hope 
33 Amog  Precious 
34 Anay  Valuable 
35 Anbu  Kindness
36 Anis  Friendly 
37 Anit  Joyful unending 
38 Anmal  Priceless
39 Anosh  Eternal 
40 Anvil  Strength of Lord Ganesha
41 Aram  Highness
42 Ardh  Worship
43 Arish  Righteous 
44 Arjan  The Archer 
45 Arul  God’s grace 
46 Athan  Immortal 
47 Atral  Powerful 
48 Avant  Endless
49 Avish  Sun 
50 Ayyan  Gift of God 
51 Balaa Powerful 
52 Balesh  Master of an Army 
53 Bhaavin  Winner
54 Bhirav  Lord Shiva 
55 Chellapan  Loveable Person 
56 Chirayu  Immortal 
57 Danvit  Wealthy
58 Darsh  Lord Krishna 
59 Daxit  Lord Shiva 
60 Deiva  Deity 
61 Denesh  Lord of the Sun 
62 Deveth  Divine 
63 Dhanuj  Awesome 
64 Dhija  God’s gift 
65 Dhilan  Son of the waves 
66 Dhoni  King 
67 Dilsan  Pride of Heart
68 Diveek  God’s Rays 
69 Durva Heavenly Grass
70 Diyan Legend
71 Egnesh  Intelligent 
72 Ethiraj  Lord Shiva 
73 Fahid  Panther
74 Gabith  Lord Murugan 
75 Gitesh  Lord of Geet 
76 Hanif  Pious 
77 Inesh  King of kings 
78 Iyush  Long Life
79 Johit  Achiever 
80 Kavin  Handsome 
81 Lahith  Attractive
82 Mahil  Kindness
83 Naksh  Prosperity 
84 Obalesh  Lord Shiva 
85 Pashv  God Of Jain
86 Ragul  Obedient 
87 Ramar  God 
88 Sabin  Brave 
89 Taksan  Immediately 
90 Udeshan  Aim of Life
91 Udhya  To Rise 
92 Udit  Risen 
93 Ugesh  King of all eras 
94 Uttej  Active
95 Varad  Lord Ganesha
96 Viju  Winner
97 Waran  Given 
98 Xhiva  Lord Shiva 
99 Yukt  Precious 
100 Zain  Excellent 

Ever since the pregnancy is confirmed, parents-to-be start looking up different names for their baby. It is an exciting and enthralling thing for them to do. In fact, the baby’s naming ceremony is an important event and a very big milestone for the new parents. We hope this list of the top 500 Tamil names for a baby boy comes to your rescue when you are looking for a unique, modern, or traditional name for your baby boy.

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