Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

21 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 22 weeks are:


Gas, indigestion, consipation and acidity will continue for some pregnant women for the remaining weeks of their pregnancy, fuelled by pregnancy hormones and pressure on the stomach and intestines owing to the growing fetus and uterus.

Increased Sex Drive

While part of it is due to your changing hormone levels, an increased blood flow to the pelvic area also results in an increased sex drive. For most pregnant women, sex during pregnancy is safe. However, in certain cases, women may need to abstain. You can talk to your gynaecologist to know whether sex will be safe for you during this period.

Stretch Marks

By this period in pregnancy, you may notice the formation of red or purplish streaks on your stomach and breasts, in some cases on your bums and thighs also. This happens because when your body parts strech faster than normal. These strech marks gradually disappear post-delivery.

Racing Heart

Do you feel your heart racing like a formula F1 car? Don't panic. You are not getting a heart attack!. Your heart is overworking trying to accomodate all the increased blood flow as your body tries to support your little bean in every possible way.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 10.9 inches(28cms)
Baby’s Weight: 0.43 kgs

Baby is learning to swallow

Baby is now learning to swallow & preparing to survive once it’s born by learning to suck on your breast or a bottle.

Baby’s Lungs

Baby’s lungs will not be developed until the very end, he/she can now get all the oxygen via the placenta. They prepare for taking their first breath as soon as they are born.

Baby’s Grip, Hearing & Vision

Baby’s grip, hearing and vision are getting stronger as the week passes by. Tiny tear ducts are forming too. This week you may also notice that your baby is sporting eyebrows.

Baby’s Taste Buds

Baby’s taste buds are now allowing your baby to taste the food that you ingest. What you eat now defines your baby’s eating preferences post birth.

Baby’s Skin

Coming to baby’s skin, it’s still wrinkled and will stay that way until he/she gains enough weight in the coming weeks to fill it in.


Baby’s brain is fast developing and the nerve endings are forming too.

Baby is now putting on layers of fat to keep itself warm. This is called brown fat.

Your changing body

The human body is a wonderful creation. Did you know the main reason behind constipation during pregnancy? Your digestive system moves slowly to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from your food so that your baby can have the best nutrition possible. This slow movement, of course, causes you inconvenience, and the best way to combat it is by staying hydrated and eating fiber-rich foods.

Weight gain is common during pregnancy and is a healthy symptom. Your little bean is growing, your hunger pangs are causing you to eat more and the hormones also contribute to your weight gain. Too much or too little weight gain may be concerning. You can check with your gynecologist to understand apt weight gain for each week and each month of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women find that their belly button is protruding out and sometimes experience in the belly button area too. Your uterus is expanding and in this process your belly button gets pushed out, while the pressure can cause pain too.

For most pregnant women, lower back pain starts around this time. Your growing uterus puts pressure on your lower back. Along with this, the hormonal changes will cause you to experience this pain. You can ask you gynaecologist for advice on effective ways to manage pain and stay comfortable through this phase.


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