Week 21 of Your Pregnancy

20 weeks pregnant


Days to go


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Hot flashes

Those fluctuating hormone levels – particularly drops in estrogen – as well as an increased metabolic rate during pregnancy can cause the surges of heat that may leave you kicking off your sheets at night. Hot flashes usually affect the head, neck, and chest, and they can last from seconds to minutes

Sore Back

For most pregnant women, lower back pain starts around this time. Your growing uterus puts pressure on your lower back. Along with this, the hormonal changes will cause you to experience this pain. You can ask you gynaecologist for advice on effective ways to manage pain and stay comfortable through this phase.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks at 21 weeks are totally normal as long as the contractions go away when you switch positions. Let your doctor know about any pain or contractions that don’t stop.

Fast Growing Nails

While it is common to have long lustrous hair during pregnancy, you will be surprised to know that some pregnant women find that their nails are growing faster than before, all thanks to the surging hormones. At the same time, brittle nails, ingrown nails and formation of white patches on nails can be common too. Regularly trim your nails, keep them clean and dry, and add biotin to your diet after consulting with your doctor if you find that your nails are too brittle and breaking at an alarming pace.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 10.5 inches(26.7cms)
Baby’s Weight: 0.36kgs

Baby’s Finger Nails & Toes

Your lil one’s fingers and toes are separating as we speak. Fingernails and toenail beds are starting to develop.

Baby’s Fingers & Toes

Your baby’s fingers and toes are completely formed. It is complete with fingerprints and toe prints. Unborn babies start sucking on thumb this week.

Baby’s Ears

Your baby’s ears are now moving toward their final position on the sides of the head and the eyes are set wide apart with eyelids fused and shut.

Baby’s Heartbeat

Baby’s heartbeat can be heard loud and clear. It’s faster and beats at 120-160 beats per minute. That’s twice as fast as your body, dear mom-to-be.


Hair follicles are forming on the crown as well as over the rest of the body.

Your baby has open nasal passages on the tip of his/her tiny nose, a tongue and palate in the mouth and visible nipples.

Your baby’s head accounts for about half of his/her body length.

Your changing body

By this period in pregnancy, you may notice the formation of red or purplish streaks on your stomach and breasts, in some cases on your bums and thighs also. This happens because when your body parts stretch faster than normal. These strech marks gradually disappear post-delivery.

Heartburns continuing to bother you? You may have to put up with this condition for some more time. As difficult as this may sound, acidity indicates continuing surge of hormones which means your pregnant body is continuing to do what it is supposed to be doing.

By this pregnancy stage, your oestrogen and androgen hormone levels are high enough to make your hair lustrous and beautiful. Not only that, your hair grows quite quickly. This is the time to fall in love with your tresses and enjoy the phase.

If you are experiencing dizzy spells during pregnancy, this happens due to the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes more blood flow to the uterus to support your growing bean. As a result, the blood flow to your brain reduces, your blood pressure reduces, and you will experience dizziness and this is normal during pregnancy.


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