Week 24 of Your Pregnancy


Days to go

0.6 to 0.7


Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 24 weeks are:

Swollen Ankles & Feet

Water retention is common during pregnancy. Increased blood flow to the uterus means that there is more water accumulation in the tissues. Due to the power of gravity, this water retention mostly happens to your ankles and feet. While this phonomenon, also known as edema continues throughout pregnancy, it is sure to resolve post-delivery.

Skin Changes

As you progress with your pregnancy, you will start to observe many skin changes such as rashes, acne, hyperpigmentation etc. Most of these skin conditions are due to your changing hormones. When in doubt, you can always consult your gynaecologist to understand the exact reasons behind these conditions so that you can take measures accordingly.

Sleep Troubles

Insomnia can happen during any stage of pregnancy but is more pronouced during the second and third trimester. Hormonal imbalances, acidity and indigestion, growing belly, baby movements, all contribute to your sleeplessness.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Experiencing numbness, tingling, and pain in your wrists, arms, and fingers? This is most likely due to carpal tunnel sydrome, a condition that happens due to pressing of nerves from all the swelling that takes place. The median nerve which is an important nerve get pressed which results in carpel tunnel syndrome.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 11.8 inches(30cms)
Baby’s Weight: 0.6 to 0.7kgs

Your baby is now the size of a Sweet Melon. This week onwards your baby is termed as ;viable’. This means that the baby has all the organs ready to help them survive in the outside world in the rare scenario that preterm labor occurs. Following are the development of your viable this week.

Baby is growing well inside the womb. Baby now has more muscles than what were present till a few weeks ago. Baby is putting on weight, signifying good fetal growth.

Baby’s facial features are getting more defined by this week.

They can hear you loud and clear and may feel soothed by hearing your voice. Continue your little chatting and singing sessions to the baby.

Though baby is sprouting hair on eyelashes, eyebrows and head, they are white in color. But don’t worry you will not deliver a white haired baby! The hair will change color once they acquire pigment in the coming weeks.
Brain cells are matured enough by now. And if one were to measure the brain activity of your baby, it will resemble that of a newborn baby.

Baby’s lungs are formed by this week, but will be ready to function normally only in the outside world after they start producing a substance called surfactant. A few more weeks and this will start happening


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