Week 25 of Your Pregnancy

24 weeks pregnant


Days to go


Keep going. You’ll find something useful below.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 25 weeks are:


Sciatica is technically the nerve that runs from your lower back, through your buttocks, to the lower part of of your legs. All the changes in your pregnancy such as increasing baby weight, increasing uterus size, shifting gravity, loosening ligaments, and pressure on nerves results in pressure on the sciatica nerve too. This pressure can create pain radiating though your lower back , buttocks, and ending towards the back part of the lower part of your legs.'


Heartburns continuing to bother you? You may have to put up with this condition for some more time. As difficult as this may sound, acidity indicates continuing surge of hormones which means your pregnant body is continuing to do what it is supposed to be doing.


Haemarrhoids are something most pregnant women have to put up with. But why do they occur? The increasing blood flow causes swelling in various blood vessels. Swelling of viens present in your rectum leads to haem

Blurred Vision

Blurry vision worrying you? Blame the pregnancy hormones once again. Fluid retention around the cornea along with fluid pressure build up on the eye balls is responsible for blurry vision. Your vision will be back to normal once you have delivered your baby.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 13.6 inches(34.5cms)
Baby’s Weight: 0.7 kgs

Baby’s Movements

Tiny little squash’s startle reflexes are now developing!!! Wow, time to scare them? Well, not just yet!!!

Baby’s Brain

Cortex, present in your baby’s brain is now forming layers. Along with this, other parts of the nervous system are forming too.

Baby’s Hearing

Baby is now able to hear your voice clearly, he/she will change positions as a response to those sounds. Why don’t you give it a try this week?

Baby’s Digestive system & Lungs

Digestive system and lungs are developing too as we speak.

Your's Changing Body

The ever-growing uterus puts pressure on different nearby organs, one of them being the nerves in your legs. This pressure on your leg nerves can cause leg cramps. There is also lesser blood circulation to your legs since the uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels.

By this pregnancy stage, your oestrogen and androgen hormone levels are high enough to make your hair lustrous and beautiful. Not only that, your hair grows quite quickly. This is the time to fall in love with your tresses and enjoy the phase.

Many pregnant women start dealing with pregnancy gingivitis around this time during their pregnancy. Constant acidity and throwing up lead to the acumulation of the acid in their mouth which may damage the gums leading to acidity. Hormone upheveals also often leads to this condition. In addition, pregnant ladies who crave sweets and junk may increase their intake damaging their teeth and gums. While some women may struggle with increased saliva production, others can experieced reduced saliva which can also can oral damage. Saliva can also turn acidic for some which can erode the enamel and gums resulting in sore and sensitive gums.

Most pregnant feel bloated which happens to the lethargic digestive system. Though it may sound surprising, your body is producing more progesterone to help with your pregnancy. One of the effects of this progesterone is that the various systems of your body slow down in their functioning. Slowing down of your digestive system can lead to indigestion and gas which will lead you to experiencing bloating.


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