Week 40 of Your Pregnancy


Days to go



Pregnancy Symptoms

Cervical Dilation

You will delivery any time now, and cervial dialation will indicate when the time is right. Once you admit yourself for delivery, your OBGYN will check when the time is right depending on how dilated you are. In the weeks approaching delivery your dilation will measure at about 6 cm, when you are in active labor, it can be 7 to 8 cms, and moments before delivery you will dilate to about 10 cms.

Water Breaks

As you get closer to your deilvery, it becomes vital to understand the signs of a water break and the right signs which indicate when you must rush to the hospital for delivery. Through your pregnancy, your little bean is cushioned within a little sack filled with amniotic fluid. As your body get near to delivering, the sack ruptures, releasing the fluids. For some women, water breaks can be in small amounts, while for others it can be a full gush.

Vaginal Gush

Congrats!! You are now very close to delivery a baby. You will experience body changes accordingly too. You will be observe an increase in vaginal discharge at this stage and you may need to be watchful and talk to your doctor about the signs of a water break when your may need to rush to the hospital

Pelvic Numbness

Relaxin, an important hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy in preperation for delivery can cause pelvic numbness. This symptom is common during pregnancy and not a cause for concern.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 21.6 inches(55 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 3.5 kgs

Baby’s Lungs

Lung enhances to be adaptable for breathing outside air after birth.

Baby’s Skin

Baby’s skin would be thick enough now as it would have shed vernix almost completely.

Baby’s Sleep

Baby’s sleep continues to be normal like previous weeks.


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