Preventing Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

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stretch mark during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when the mother-to-be undergoes many physical and emotional changes due to hormonal changes. One of the annoying issues most expecting mothers face is stretch marks in pregnancy. The stretch marks can be irritating for the pregnant lady as they are very itchy and can occur in different parts of the body.

Let us now understand the significance is of stretch marks, tips to prevent the stretch marks, when they occur, and the remedies for minimizing them.

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What Causes Stretch Marks in Pregnancy?

Stretch marks appear in the form of depressed stripes and can be seen in the belly, hips, breasts, and lower back of the pregnant woman. Stretch marks are a common occurrence and they can appear at any point during pregnancy.

As the pregnancy advances, the skin starts expanding due to the immense weight increase. Stretch marks are a natural phenomenon and can even be risky at times, so it is better to know the ways to treat them.

When do Pregnancy Stretch Marks Occur?

The stretch marks start appearing around the end of the third month or the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy. These can be in different colors like, yellow, red, pink, purplish, or even tan. These are most prominent in the thighs, hips, butt, belly, or breasts.

The stretch marks are very itchy and can worsen in look if they are itched with nails or something pointed, so it is advisable to not use nails but apply creams and oils made for them.

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Is it Possible to Prevent Stretch Marks in Pregnancy?

question mark on pregnant belly

Even though many creams guarantee that they can prevent the occurrence of stretch marks, yet it is proven that there is no way to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy.Though one cannot stop them but can try to cure them or minimize them once they occur.

The ideal way by which pregnant women can try to prevent stretch marks is by monitoring the weight gain and speaking to a medical expert who can advise the adequate fitness and nutrition that is important for the mother and the baby. This is also a way but not a guarantee that stretch marks will not appear.

Ways and Means to Minimize Pregnancy Stretch Marks

pregnant womenMassage the Skin

Stretch marks in pregnancy are also due to genetics and are a natural phenomenon. But still, there are many ways in which one can try to minimize their occurrence. Some of the methods are given below:

1. Moisturization is the Key

It is important to keep the skin moisturized. Though it is recommended to apply cocoa butter, it does not prevent stretch marks but helps to combat the itchiness and dry skin that are common facets of pregnancy.

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2. Increased Intake of Vitamin C

Intake of vitamin C is important during pregnancy. It is common to see skin discoloration and darkening during pregnancy, so it is vital to have a good intake of foods enriched with Vitamin C as it helps in extra nourishment and helps in minimizing the occurrence of stretch marks.

3. Weight Control

It is important to keep monitoring weight gain as that is a major factor leading to stretch marks. If the intake of calories is monitored and kept under control, then the occurrence of the stretch marks can be minimized.

4. Hydration is the Mantra

Water is a miracle drink and can do wonders in pregnancy or otherwise. So it is vital to have eight to ten glasses of water to help in minimizing the stretch marks during pregnancy.

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5. Massage the Skin for Effective Results

Massaging the skin twice a day for about ten minutes with creams made for prevention of stretch marks or moisturizers can do wonders as it helps to:

  • Keep the skin soft, elastic, and supple.
  • It helps in the fading process of the stretch marks that have already appeared.
  • The creams penetrate the deeper layers of the skin preventing the occurrence of further stretch marks.
  • It offers a good flow of blood and makes the skin healthy.

When do the Stretch Marks Vanish?

It is seen that the stretch marks appear at the end of the first trimester and the start of the second and are there even after the delivery happens. But after the delivery, the stretch marks tend to fade away and aren’t too visible.

However, if they are still visible, you can opt for any of these two treatments:

1. Ultra-Targeted Treatment

It is the ideal choice, easy to use, and not too heavy on the pocket.

2. Invasive Treatment

This treatment is ideal for stubborn marks. Laser therapy and Microdermabrasion are two types of invasive treatments. Even though both are highly-priced, and not too comfortable, they are considered to be effective.

Stretch marks are not a very pleasant sight to witness but they are not permanent and can be minimized by following the above-cited ways. They generally have no risks associated with them, but invasive and ultra-treatments are only undertaken to boost the confidence of the mother. Stretch marks are just an add-on to pregnancy or an imprint of the little life residing in the pregnant lady.


1. What About all Those Celebrities Who Show off Their Flawless Stomachs After a Delivery?

Please remember they have a whole team working on their appearance. Even the “casual sightings” can be staged. Meaning, they have enough time to apply make-up or do other things to look “flawless”. Also, they might have opted for a surgery.

2. Why do Some Women Have More Stretch Marks Than Others?

This is purely genetic and how each body is. Some may have naturally elastic skin that stretches without too many marks while some might have very sensitive skin that shows deep marks even before the third trimester.

3. Can You Reduce the Stretch Marks After Delivery?

Not really; stretch marks tend to fade over time. When your skin is dry, the marks seem more evident. So keeping the skin moisturized can make the marks look lesser.

4. How do I Cover Up My Stretch Marks?

If you are too conscious, try wearing clothes that cover your abdomen. If you are draping a beautiful saree or donning a pretty lehenga where your marks peep out, it’s ok! It’s evidence that you created a life. Don’t be ashamed of it.

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