Is It Safe To Eat Raw Vegetables During Pregnancy?

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Raw Vegetables During Pregnancy
Just discovered you are pregnant and now realize the importance of having a nutritious diet in order to have a healthy baby and pregnancy? There is no doubt about the fact that all veggies and fruits are absolutely important to include in your diet. The next question that arises is whether eating raw vegetables during pregnancy is safe or not.

So you need to make sure your kitchen is adequately stocked with all the seasonal fresh veggies so that you can reach out for something every time hunger pangs strike you. But before you choose to consume raw vegetables during pregnancy, it is necessary to know whether they are safe and what are the risks associated with eating raw vegetables in order to keep you and your baby safe during this delicate period.

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8 Wonderful Benefits Of Raw Vegetables During Pregnancy

While pregnant, your requirement of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients is much more than usual and raw vegetables can provide you with ample benefits during this period.

1. Loads of Fiber

Everybody knows that raw veggies are loaded with fiber. This is extremely helpful in combating any issues of digestion that most pregnant ladies experience like constipation and also facilitates normal digestion.

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Raw vegetables also have ample sources of omega 3 fatty acids that are vital for the appropriate growth of your baby’s neurological system. The best veggies that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids include squash, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

3. Folate

There are plenty of vegetables that are rich in folate. This includes cabbage, peas, broccoli, and asparagus. Sufficient levels of folate are absolutely necessary during pregnancy in order to avert any kind of malformation in the spine and brain of your fetus.

4. Calcium

The importance of calcium during pregnancy does not need to be explained. Calcium is extremely vital for proper bone health and the skeletal mineralization of your fetus. Calcium is also required to maintain strong bones for the mom-to-be. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and collard greens.

5. Vitamin C

Veggies are rich in Vitamin C which is critical for the formation of teeth and bones. It is also important for collagen formation that is vital for your fetus’s connective tissue.

6. Potassium

Yet another mineral, vegetable has plenty that helps to regulate levels of blood pressure during pregnancy.

7. Beta Carotene

One more important mineral that veggies have in plenty that is crucial for proper growth and development of tissue and cells, building up immunity and vision.

8. Helps to Control Weight Gain

A Raw vegetable diet is ideal to control unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy and provides you with a boost of energy that is vital during this period.

Some Ways To Eat Raw Veggies If You Are Not Really Fond Of Them

Some Ways To Eat Raw Veggies

There are a lot of people who do not like the taste of raw veggies and so avoid eating them altogether. Given below are some wonderful options for such moms to be:

  • Coleslaw prepared with shredded carrots and white cabbage
  • Carrots, grated along with raisins and tossed along with a good salad dressing
  • Cut raw veggie sticks and keep in a bowl to reach out for whenever you feel hungry along with hummus or any other dip of your choice
  • Combine your veggies with a little protein, like paneer cubes or any boiled beans like kidney beans, Garbanzo beans, etc., and you will get your required boost of energy to take you through a long afternoon

Some Vegetables You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy

However, you do need to steer clear of some raw vegetables during this delicate phase.

  • Sprouted veggies require a warm and humid condition to thrive and this can also entertain the thriving of dangerous bacteria including E .Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. So never eat sprouts in raw form. Make sure you cook them in order to get rid of any kind of bacteria that may be lurking in them
  • Also steer clear of cauliflower, okra, and radish that can trigger gastritis if eaten raw

Precautions To Be Taken While Munching On Raw Vegetables

Toxoplasma is another dangerous parasite that lurks in the peel or rind of veggies and fruits. If a pregnant woman gets an infection from this parasite, there is every chance the infection to get into the fetus. This can lead to unwanted diseases like an eye infection or infections of the nervous system.

  • Make sure you wash the veggies very carefully before you begin munching on them
  • Ensure you cut out bruised or damaged portions of the vegetable as most bacteria lurk in these parts
  • Soaking raw veggies in salt water for some time in order to kill any kind of germs or bacteria present in them is a good move before eating raw vegetables
  • Also, make sure you clean your cutting board with warm and soapy water after cutting raw vegetables. This helps to make sure no bacteria remain on the cutting board

So do go ahead and start including fresh and raw vegetables into your pregnancy diet and enjoy reaping the wonderful benefits of these vegetables that are an excellent addition to your diet during this sensitive period. Please leave a comment below to let us know your experience and suggestions if you ate raw vegetables during your pregnancy.


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