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20 Classic Books For Children Aged 9-12 Years

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If your child is a voracious reader and enjoys reading, you are indeed blessed. If you happen to have a young daughter or son aged between 9 and 12 and not really sure about what classics are appropriate for them, we have compiled a fabulous range of classic stories that are a must read for every child between the age of 9-12. Classics are all time favorites that never fade and are extremely loved by adults and children alike. Read on to find out whether your tween has finished reading these lovely classics mentioned below.
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20 Classic Books Your Child Aged 9-12 Years Is Sure To Enjoy
    1. Anne of Green Gables: A timeless classic that every child is sure to enjoy. Written by L.M Montgomery, this is a must pick for your child. A touching and hilarious story about a red haired orphan named Anne Shirley. The book has lovely messages on the importance of family, love, friendship and ambition that makes it a must read for this age group

Anne of green gables

    1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: An all time favorite classic written by Lewis Carol that both adults and children would enjoy reading. The strange creatures and watercolors in the story are quite appealing to the child. Alice trails a talking white rabbit in a down a rabbit hole, and from there, things only get interesting and snooping. After confrontations with mad hatter, who is a caterpillar, and a disappearing cat with a mysterious grin, Alice incurs the anger the queen of hearts

Alice in wonderland

    1. Little House in Big Woods: A book by Laura Ingalls Wilder, this lovely book is a lovely classic that describes how life is in a pioneer’s family for a year. Quite an interesting read for young readers

little house in the big woo

    1. The Secret Garden: By Frances Hodgson Burnett, this is a lovely classic that tells you the story of a young girl who is packed off to live with her only uncle and how she happens to discover a secret garden which changes her life and lives of people around her

the secret garden

    1. The Children of Green Knowe: Penned by L M Boston, this is the interesting story of Tolly who is sent to live with his grandparents in their ancient home that is found to be magical too. This is the first of the six Green Knowe books that are sure to keep your child enthralled

The Children Green Knowe

    1. Charlotte’s Web: Written by E.B White, this a sweet story about how Wilbur the little pig is saved by Charlotte his friend who is a wise spider. A little girl, a chatty spider and a little pig star in this treasured story of friendship, creativity and the cycle of life

charlottes web

    1. Little Women: By Louisa Mary Alcott, this is still one of the most favorite classics that you would love reading all over again. A beautiful story of four independent and creative March sisters and their family ties, dreams and growing up. It is set up in the 19th century in New England

little women

    1. Jane Eyre: Penned by renowned author Charlotte Bronte, this lovely classic is something your daughter is sure to enjoy. The story revolves around a young woman who is an orphan and starts working as a governess for a little child and how her life changes forever

Jane Eyre

    1. The Little Prince: Penned by Antoine De Saint, a touching and sweet story of a sweet boy in which the actual meaning of life itself is explored. It is a story of an aviator who is made to forcibly land in the Sahara Desert where he meets a little prince who has fallen to Earth from a tiny planet. He narrates him a series of captivating stories

The little prince

    1. Black Beauty: A timeless classic by Anna Sewell that unwinds the touching autobiography of a horse called black Beauty. A must read for your child

black beauty

    1. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Written by the famous author Mark Twain, it unfolds the story of Huck who is adventurous and irrepressible. A classic that boys are sure to enjoy

huckleberry finn

    1. Little Princess: By Frances Hodgson Burnett, this classic unfolds a beautiful story of a little girl named Sarah Crew whose dad passes away and how difficult her life becomes after that

A little princess

    1. Wind in the Willows: Written by the renowned author Kenneth Grahame, this is one classic that will keep your child turning pages right to the very end

Wind in the willows

    1. Heidi: By Johanna Spyri, the tale is about an orphaned girl, Heidi who lives with her granddad in the Swiss Mountains and her life there


    1. The Railway Children: Penned by E Nesbit, it is an all time children’s classic about three boys and how their life alters one fine day with their dad being taken away

The Railway children

    1. Treasure Island: Written by R L Stevenson, this is an exciting adventurous pirate story of a boy called Jim and is sure to be loved by both girls and boys alike. Nobody can forget the characters like John Silver and Benn Gunn that easily. It’s a fun loving story of young Jim who goes to look for treasure and gets muddled with pirates

Treasure Island

    1. Oliver Twist: Penned by Charles Dickens, a touching story of an orphan boy named Oliver and how he grows up

oliver twist

    1. Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The very first novel of Mark Twain, a lovely book that will keep you hooked to the very end

the adventure of tom sawyer

    1. Rebecca of SunnyBrook Farm: A lovely and sweet story of Rebecca who is sent to her aunt’s house to live and how she captures everyone’s heart. It would be just ideal for your tween girl


    1. What Katy Did: By Susan Coolidge, this book tells you the amazing story of Katy, her family and school

What Katy Did
Hope you like our pick of 20 classics for children aged between 9-12 years. And if any of your favorite book is missing in our list, please tell us about it in the comment section below. Happy reading!

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